Okay, we gotta talk about Osiris sooner or later

How do we make them… what’s a nice way to put it? Not suck?

Like there’s a seed of something cool in each of them-

Locke is basically a former ONI hitman

Vale trained on Sanghelios with Arby

Tanaka is ths strong silent type but is good with tech

Buck is Buck, no further introduction necessary.

But Locke is portrayed with all the finesse and charisma of a block of wood

Vale is unfortunately not allowed to be interesting in 5 without throwing her time on Sanghelios in your face

You’d be forgiven for not knowing Tanaka is good with tech if I hadn’t looked her up on the wiki to tell you

And Buck is rarely given an opportunity to be Buck.

I’m not saying “Well we need a rewrite of Halo 5” because (in my personal opinion) it’s important to keep the mistakes of the past as they are (save for a retcon or two where it fits) and move forward. It’s what I loved about Infinite’s campaign the most even if it was a little half baked.

They address Evil Cortana, the fact that her assault on the UNSC gave The Banished an opening after she pissed off basically every Jiralhanae who ever lived all at once, they don’t pretend Chief hasn’t been dealing with some trauma since 4 and just shoehorn him back into being a one-liner machine (I love classic Chief, but trauma changes you and I’m glad they kept this in mind while showing he’s getting back into fighting shape) and the only things I felt unsatisfied by were the power vacuum left in The Created when Cortana got done in being unexplored and what heckin’ happened to the Guardians.

So with this in mind, how do we fix Fireteam Osiris for Infinite and future games and portrayals in general?


With Locke, either you make him Johnson 2.0, or you swing things around and make him the man of the law who distrusts the Weapon. Perhaps you work the whole thing with Halsey in Halo 5 intro about how he’s going to kill her. He like the Chief would be haunted by having failed to stop Cortana and so would want the Weapon destroyed or controlled.

With Vale, Laura Bailey is great and the design of the character does a lot of heavy lifting. But from the concept art and even the book they seem to want some sort of Lawrence of Arabia type set up where she learns the ways of the Elites as she fights among them to learn their trust.

Tanaka is basically a blank slate. You could do anything. Maybe link her to the Insurrectionist/anti UNSC sentiment.

Bucke they’ve already made him leader of Alpha Team. If they did ODST 2…

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I like the idea of Locke being distrustful of The Weapon, like maybe he sincerely wants to meet Chief half way and make amends but he can’t get over his distrust. There’s good character stuff there. Making him Johnson 2.0 would be too sudden a shift tho, since they tried going for ‘stoic’ last time (came out as a block of wood but still I see what they were trying for even if it didn’t pan out at all)

And I agree, Vale’s design is awesome, though as far as learning with the Elites they sadly skipped past all that so we can’t quite do it again because it’s implied she’s already been through it.

Given Tanaka’s skill set, I’m surprised they didn’t make her basically Kat 2.0, similar role but more reserved with a chip on her shoulder.

And good for you Buck, I hope you get your sequel.

You can kill off all of them but Buck and I wouldn’t give it a second thought


Efficient, but not very interesting since I prefer the idea of characters being allowed at least one time to shine. Like can we at least give them cool deaths so we don’t remember them as boring morons?

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How about they are on a Spartan training facility and Cortana blows them up in a flashback. Or maybe they’re on a planet and Cortana blows it up in a flashback.

Or you can play as them in co-op and they have unique dialogue depending on which one you pick.

Those first two are similarly efficient but boring, that last one is at least pretty neat even if it’s likely non-canon since wedging them into the pre-existing plot officially would feel like the Star Wars Special Edition.

Tho to be fair, I do love me a good trainwreck and would love a George Lucas style redo of every Halo title ever published. But that’s not relevant to this topic in particular so we’ll leave it at that.

Fun fact, originally it was going to be Spartan Gabriel Thorne instead of Edward Buck, but they had to make an alteration since Ethan Peck (Thorne’s actor) was having a full schedule and working on other productions. So to even out the team, they brought Nathan Fillion over to take on the role of Edward Buck once again.

Honestly tho, I wish we were in a timeline where the makeup of Fireteam Osiris was as follows -

  • ONI Spartan Jameson Locke - Tasked with the capture of AWOL Spartans. His task to capture THE Master Chief makes him internally conflicted, but he puts the mission first and his internal judgement aside for now.
  • Spartan Gabriel Thorne - Part of the team due to his detailed past of direct conflict with Jul 'Mdama and experience fighting Prometheans.
  • Spartan Olympia Vale - Part of the team due to her deep knowledge of Sangheili language and culture, a specialist needed for the locales they will be travelling.
  • Spartan Edward Buck - Part of the team due to ONI Agent Veronica Dare’s recommendation, citing the events of Halo 3 ODST as reference for Buck’s determination and dedication to the team.

And HERE is how I would do Halo 5’s story.
My script here is based off of the earlier drafts of Halo 5’s story before Brian Reed made unessessary edits and rewrites to turn Halo 5 into Halo 5 Gorbians.
Skip the “Foreword” section if you want.

  • https://docs.google.com/document/d/1SgMQ0hbk3BFofkeWSE7zv5TAJiz4phZfYQGuhP3DsCQ/edit?usp=sharing
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Rambo Commando. My precious child. I specifically said no rewrites, we must move forward. You’re fiercely creative, I refuse to believe that you can’t make something out of what’s already there even if it’s not exactly an easy task.

You think it was an easy task to try and piece together the original script of Halo 5 and then make some slight edits to the final act to have it still lead into the events of Halo Wars 2 and Halo Infinite?

Not at all, not whatsoever. But that’s not the topic- the topic is what do we do with the characters as they are now and try to make something interesting out of that.

Your effort can’t be overstated, you’ve done tons, but it is not relevant to the topic.

Well to be fair, your idea of Olympia Vale and Arbiter working together is canon.
The new upcoming novel of Halo Outcasts will depict this.

That wasn’t my idea, Halo 5’s in game dialogue at least hinted they’d worked together or at least talked to each other before since she claimed she’d never heard Arbiter speak to anyone the way he had towards Locke (I may not see why, maybe Arby was feeling nice that day ) so there’s that. X3 I can’t take credit for that one, though it’s nice she gets some time to have adventures with Arby anyway

Well to be fair, Halo 5 Gorbians was written by Brian Reed; a guy who doesn’t know how to actually write characters beyond filling out a D&D character sheet.

Take Jameson Locke for example.
In Halo Nightfall, we saw more characterization and personality for Locke than in Halo 5 Gorbians.
A character created by Brian Reed was BETTER WRITTEN in a prequel movie that he didn’t write the script details of.

Nathan Fillion reprised the role of Buck, but the direction and script he had to work with hindered his capabilities at portraying the character. The trick to writing Buck is to go to Nathan Fillion and say “Hey Nate, just do what you usually do” and then it works.

Vale was a well designed character. As a child she was trapped on a ship for six months, partially neglected by the crew and her diplomat of a mother, so she took her time learning the Sangheili language. You would expect someone like that to have a colder disposition towards team dialogue; but instead it is the opposite as she is surprisingly open for discussion.

Tanaka . . . poor poor Holly Tanaka.
A tech-head who doesn’t get to show it off in the game and her personality and dialogue give the the feeling that she is that one kid we all knew in high school that LOVED to act like being mature and adult was something to be respected and unexpected, citing platitudes or making up quotes that were worthy of r/iam14andthisisdeep.
To quote C.S. Lewis on how trying too hard to be mature coming off as ironically immature -
Critics who treat ‘adult’ as a term of approval, instead as merely a descriptive term, cannot be adult themselves. To be concerned about being grown up, to admire the grown up because it is grown up, to blush at the suspicion of being childish; these things are marks of childhood and adolescence.

The characters of Halo 5 Gorbians were indeed greatly mishandled.
Something Brian Reed is known for in his previous works when working at Marvel Comics and something that he continues to carry out to this very day.


All this is true.

But even so, the topic remains “work with what we have now”

As flawed as Brian Reed’s writing is both for Halo and in general, it’s still there.

If nothing else this insight can be used for the characters in a post Halo 5 world, at least mostly, but the whole point is not pretending Halo 5 doesn’t exist.

We shouldn’t ignore or try to suppress the past, we should accept it, take what we can from it so we may try to learn from it, and move forward.

I’m not pretending it doesn’t exist.
I merely want it to tell a better dual-narrative story of Master Chief going rogue and a team of Spartans hunting him down.

The way I depict it is far better than how we got it in Halo 5 Gorbians. Because instead of getting only 3 chapters playing as Blue Team, we would now get 15 chapters where we play as Blue Team, so now players have a lot more time to enjoy the roles of John, Kelly, Frederic, and Linda. Especially those that didn’t read the books and therefore have no clue who Fred, Linda, and Kelly are.
As for the Hunting Down of Chief, the way I depict it has Locke and Chief have more than one encounter in the narrative, the team being cunning and having to do more than chase Chief down; but actually attempt to trap him. And thanks to Chief plugging Cortana’s chip into Locke’s head in one of my Chapters; they move on to the next goal where the bait for the trap ACTUALLY is located AND Locke also learns more about Chief and gets some sympathy towards him.

My version of Halo 5 is a restorative rewrite that gives the characters more opportunities to ACTUALLY BE characters rather than just proxies controlled by the players.
It still tells the story of Chief going AWOL and Locke chasing him down, but it does it in a better manner.

That is what my rewrite’s goal is.
To actually make the story enjoyable and give the fans what we want: an actual dual-narrative story.

But it is still not the topic. I’m not saying your rewrite is bad nor did I ever, but it is not within the scope of this topic. I’ve read your rewrites, they’re good- but Halo 4 and Halo 5 Guardians already exist in their current form and the intent of my original post was to explore how we can salvage them as they are right now. This also includes non-game media, as someone pointed out Buck is in his own team again and as you pointed out Vale is off doing stuff with Arby. And if Locke and Tanaka are off doing something else (with Locke likely in a rough spot given what happened to his armor in Infinite) then unless we get further details we can at least use what we know about when we last saw Osiris to think up a place to go from where they are right now.

Hate to break it to you but . . . Spoilers for Halo Infinite - Locke is dead.

As for Tanaka, who knows what she is up to right now.

Was that confirmed? We do see his armor chestplate and helmet bolted onto Whathisface McNointro’s armor when you fight him and his bro but I last heard they left the fate of Locke himself as ambiguous as they didn’t confirm or deny his actual death. They likely gave him the ol’ Griffin treatment and ripped the armor clean off him, but even that doesn’t guarantee he’s actually gone. ONI is the literal pinnacle of humanity’s capacity for sketchiness, I wouldn’t be surprised if he wanted to seem dead.

See? We’re coming up with neat stuff right now! Sure it’s not great but it’s a start. C’moooon, it can be fun even if it’s just basically theorizing without the MatPat.