Okay this for those that think the fracture event is only a 3 week thing

it isn’t on the waypoint app looking at the event pass it shows more weeks then this month January and February it will be around for a total of 6 weeks so to make it clear its not 3 weeks its 6 weeks okay?


It comes by once a week, every month, december is excluded I think because of the Christmas event “Winter contingency”.

This season ends in May IIRC, but so far, there are only 3 scheduled events for this Fracture which has some people upset as the first week only allowed people to get up to rank 7.

Edit: To clarify, there will hopefully be more Tenrai events to fill in between February and May, but not everyone is keeping track of how long the season is.

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So you can miss one week if you want to finish unlocking everything?

Wait no December would mean no weeks missed hmm.

Chances are you can miss a week with no real issues.

There are 7 months in this season, November - May
December is excluded as that has “Winter contingency”
That gives us 6, out of the 6, half of those are already planned for Tenrai.
So we have 3 blank months.

We either get:
A.) A new XP system that allows us to complete events quicker AND a new Fracture after February.
B.) 3 more Tenrai events.

I wouldn’t worry too much about it either way

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It’s the tenrai event every month except december, the dates are confirmed in the waypoint app already.

The mobile phone app? That actually works now?

It has since the 15th.


Can they at least make it a back to back 6 weeks :v

From what I have seen - if you miss a week, you won’t be finishing it. (unless you spend money on boosters, etc)

First week done, only rank 7. That’s not even 1/3 the way up, for the 3 week event. This is a bad start, and makes it feel even more predatory than before.
Obviously if you pay more, it gets easier to complete - which is actually a problem with this system.

There are 5 more weeks this will be going live.
One for every month excluding december as that has “Winter contingency”.
You can miss a week with no problems.
And you can’t pay to complete it, there’s no option to buy your way with the event pass.

uh theres no rank up pass fro the event pass its strictly challenges

To my knowledge it will run a total of 6 weeks over the course of the season, once per month with the exception of December, because they have a different event called Winter Contingency for December. November, January, February, March, April, and May. So you get 6 sets of weekly challenges to unlock all 30 slots in the battlepass, you only need to earn all challenges 4 out of 6 weeks to reach 30, since there are 7 challenges per week, you can get to 28 on those first four weeks, then you just need to do 2 more challenges between week 5 and week 6 to hit tier 30. They will also presumably be running different store items each week that it’s live.

Did you not read the rest of this thread? There are 6 weeks not 3