Okay, so just one more update please?

Okay, so the ‘supposed’ last big update just happened, but is it me or are we all still not satisfied?

Don’t get me wrong, in this update we got in my opinion one of the best updates for the game, we got the wasp, two warzone maps, firefight and the new forge canvas Tidal.

Now I only have one major issue with the updates to Halo 5’s creative community, (The Forgers). We know how to make a map flow well, we know how to make it look good and what players want from a maps, you’ve given us all the map tools in the world and that is amazing, Thank you on behalf of the Halo 5 community. x

However despite the fact we all have not got all of the REQ items yet we should expect to see those later in another update, but here is where I make my point.

We can create maps, but creating unique experiences is super difficult, I’m talking GAMEMODES!

We have only ever gotten two gamemodes added to Halo 5, those being Infection and Assault, which are also really good.

But the lack of gamemodes still in Halo 5 is quite shocking really, even after the community has shown the power it possesses.

Wacky gametypes like Headhunter, King of the Hill, Race and Stockpile were what were used to create some of halos most memorable gametypes, its why Halo was so popular, the game more or less built itself.

So for this update (If you do one please!) this is what is “Needed”.

  1. The remaining REQ Weapons and Vehicles
  2. The three gametypes Race, King of the Hill and Stockpile.
  3. Tweak’s to Halo 5’s Warzone firefight, other posts will detail issues/bugs that need to be addressed.

Sorry for the long post, it’s just I feel Halo 5 has so much still yet to give and if support is going to stop soon at least give us the tools to make the game last longer.


I bet they will still announce some more updates but am actually surprised they havent done so yet. Probably let it go a few weeks while we are still busy with the new stuff.

Before any more updates come out they need to work out some bugs. Also i bet they are watching how FF does and adjust issues with that before they do anything else.

There are still plenty of updates to come… We know of at least some of the content that’s coming (Wrath armour with skin, the rest of the REQs in Firefight, more loadout REQs with the attatchments), as well as gametypes (Race), playlists (Action Sack), along many other Forge updates. Frankie even confirmed that this is not the end of support or content. I expect that we’ll hear more at RTX.

I don’t want to be that guy, but try using the search function next time. There have been countless threads on this topic lately.

Nah mate, we need AI in Forge so that we can pretend that Halo 5’s Campaign never happened.

This thread is the most unique topic I’ve ever seen