Okay seriously it's time desync gets a fix. Enough is enough!

It’s been six and half months. Desync has been an issue since launch and was mentioned in a blog back in February. But here we are, middle of May and still desync is at an all time high. It’s time this issue become number one priority 343. Desync is ruining the experience and no matter how much it’s brought to light on the forums the issue just doesn’t seem to be on your priority list. Time for that to change.


It’s very frustrating. I find hit registration is the worst I have ever experienced (not counting 10 or more years ago), and melee hits are not detected and actually passing through players, at times it’s unplayable. Grenades that don’t go off or do any damage to enemies, but I am killed by grenade blast damage that seems way too far away, I must be in a slightly different location than what I see on my screen.

I play other multiplayer co-op games and almost never do gunfire and melee hits not register. This game is a shooter and a full-contact hitter and if there are lots of people that can’t do either because the game is buggered then you don’t have a game. If there’s one thing you must fix, it’s that shooting and hitting are working the same for everyone. It must be a code problem deep down. I’m in Vancouver and have fibre gig up/down and decent ping, so it’s not a connection problem.

If 343 can somehow fix the inconsistency in this game, it could be the top game, but as it stands many people I talk to just won’t put themselves through all the aggravation it causes and therefore hardly play it.
343 needs to listen a bit more to the people having major problems, not just doing the math and deciding there are enough people not having problems to still turn a profit. Any educated person knows the game is off, it doesn’t play right.


Inb4 someone says get better internet like a moron


It may never be fixed

Guess the pros playing on LAN being hosted officially need better internet for tournaments too, because they’re experiencing bugs, lag, and desync too… the white knights will always defend


No joke i saw one person on here say they never experienced dysync or getting shot through walls in infinite


It has to be the engine or something so fundamental to the netcode that they can’t remove it/fix it without a major overhaul of the game. Which would explain why Staton is making a new game, because the foundation of this one shouldn’t be expanded on.


Getting back smacked from the front and having stuck grenades just disappear are some of the more obvious things that continue to occur. It is frustrating, for sure!

Keep filing those support tickets here:


The reality is the more support tickets that are filed, the more this issue will get moved towards the top of the list of things they need to deal with.


Is Desync also when your guns won’t Register damage? I have a clip saved & another one of it slowed down & zoomed of where I wasn’t doing damage to the head w/ no shields when My Pistol shot him in the head like 3 times


Their whole netcode is based on desync. Don’t expect it to go away… ever.


I could never tell back when I was still playing, but it looks like I was shot through walls in hindsight.

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As much as I hate desync (I have TWO separate clips where I died because the game deleted my jump mid-air in Breaker. During LSS. I lost two games solely because of desync), it’s not as easy as switching a button. Unfortunately it might take a while to get better and it’ll never really go away. Server select would probably be the best way to go about making this better but since they’ve said they’re iffy about adding that, we jjust need to keep talking about it so that they’ll prioritize it more.


I have friends I’ve been playing with for years that make the same claims… But they are kinda dumb and quite bad at the game so I’m certain they are just oblivious to its random intrusions during matchmaking (I couldn’t care less if I de-rank as long as I get to have good conversations while my nades fall through the floor)…


In case you haven’t been paying attention to the state of the community the past few years, 343 literally do not care in the slightest about support tickets or community feedback.


Believe what you want but they care more about support tickets than they do about forum posts… Especially if they get lots of support tickets about the same issue.

For example, a couple months ago, I made a support ticket about all weapon challenges not tracking correctly in FFA. They actually responded to me with more than just the carbon copy “we received your ticket” response. Instead they told me to make a separate support ticket for each weapon. They said this was because of the way their triage system works for support tickets that it helps to have more tickets to move the issue to a higher priority.


I have never reallly experienced desync in this game. At this point I don’t see how it happens and yes I have seen the videos about it, I have even tried to replicate the de-sync and I couldn’t.

To make things even more annoying, I read on other forums that Theatre mode doesn’t accurately track events either. So you have to prove desync by recording footage as well!


Yeah man, I’m sure the numerous bugs that haven’t been fixed despite being in the game since the very first flight just don’t have enough tickets filed. :clown_face:

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Ugh, yeah, I agree. It really sucks.

Washington or BC? I live in Vancouver Washington and also have gig up/down fiber. Never experience any issues on other games at all.

Yes that’s desync.

While I do suspect issues with the netcode I do not believe that is the only source of the problem. Desync was manageable prior to their “geo-filtering” ban/update. Ever since then it’s been almost unplayable. And continues to get worse.