Okay, seriously 343?! Your servers need work LIKE NOW!

This is incredibly frustrating; I’ve been banned twice from a disconnection issue and my internet is fine and they all occurred during an Oddball round transition. Like c’mon!!! this came out in mid-November of last year and you still don’t have something remotely better. This my only complaint with the game. and it should’ve been smoothed out at launch.

You NEED to fix this. I don’t care how hard it is. prioritize the fix.


Maybe if you just spent more money in the shop 343 could afford to support those EXPENSIVE servers! Maybe if you just spent 10 dollars for the color blue 4 times there wouldn’t be any desync


God if only man! it’s just so unplayable, worse than halo 5 i think.

Nothing wrong with the servers, it places you in a match in which you are either supposed to win or lose, if you seem to be winning a game you are supposed to lose, then the game will kick you or a team mate out to bring about its high percentage win for the team who is supposed to win, it isnt ranked yet they call it ranked. Havent you noticed that everything 343 does is a scam?

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I thought they were Microsoft’s?

I think that’s a bit farfetched to be honest. Has 343 made mistakes? Absolutely. But i do think that this is the first ever game they listened to us all on. Do i agree with all their decisions? No. I am one of the many people who are somewhat faithful to them.

I don’t like how they market their items through the store, it gets downright excessive, but it also comes down to what you want to buy. Your money your choice. would i like a classic progression system implemented rather than buying the battle pass? absolutely. on another note, they have to make a living also, and to me this doesn’t present itself as a scam.

There are so many things that make the game feel vacant and dead.

your probably right, and if that’s the case Microsoft has all this money to put forth a better system.

Smol indie devs btw.


Welp, just got Dc’d in the menus. This craps on you 343.

They do, it’s just a matter of what they want to do, and when they feel like it.

I’m sure things will improve over time.

Right! How 343i messed up the Azure servers is mind boggling.

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Nope doesn’t work! I bought pink flowers and still having desync!

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Well that just means you need to buy more!

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Clearly you’ve overlooked my forum avatar lmao


Connection issues need to be fixed before the store and all the other BS.

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little update, and area 343 can start. inspect Oddball, either i disconnect through round transition or through the main menu while loading into a game. also chack out free for all. I can’t get my last weekly challenge due a progression problem.

Again, the disconnecting issue need to be moved to priority ONE. I want to play this the way it was meant to be played. and it’s been out for over a month, how embarrassing?!

This is honestly the closest thing to a Halo 2 successor we have had. I haven’t experienced players bridging host connections in almost 20 years.

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you’d think with the timeframe they had with build halo infinite they’d have the bugs sorted out. not just that, but with the flights in which i was a part of, and their “so-called” beta, they’d have this crap smoothed out. It’s so unreal.

I’m to the point where i want it fixed or i won’t play. I’d rather play sweaty halo 5 than this half-baked monstrosity, and just know it’s taken me some time to get to saying that. It’s a good game, it just needs so much work still and it shouldn’t. it took them six years to make this, and they have these cheap college made servers, not even remotely professional.

So I’ve come up with a prognosis to the DC’ing situation. One thing i want to point out is not completely 343i’s fault, however they do share some blame and so does Microsoft.

We’ve kind of established that halos servers need work, and that should be the number one priority. The game will lose a lot of its player population due a lacking dedicated server, now as far as I know they will eventually fix this but when is the immediate question that comes to mind.

Now what I did to fix my issue was by fixing my router (Netgear Nighthawk MR60 w/ Satellite) and my theory for the cause for several of my disconnections were due to loading in a match, or transitioning through rounds of Oddball, or lack of individual challenge progression in FFA was due to lack of bandwidth.

Now to fix the situation for yourselves all I’ll say is you need to find an alternative option for bandwidth, because if your connection is lacking in some way (i don’t have a approximate amount of data to present) you will DC.

Again, I’m carrying most of the blame here, but 343 is not out of the woods. they still have work to do. Whether they prioritize the fix is ultimately up to them. Our outcry for things has ultimately shaped the games recent changes, and i think if we band together with 343, we’ll see more immediate adjustments.

The desync is game breaking. It is easily the least pleasant mulitplayer game that I will play at the moment.
Frequently causes instances in the game that ruin entire matches several times over.