Okay, Enough is Enough..

Hi All,

it’s not what I want, it’s what I need.

im currently at 1800 Onyx for slayer, that’s mainly lone wolfing it.

i need a good and effective team that I can DESTROY games with.

im sick of playing with randomers and I’m sick of being invited to mediocre average teams.

if your the leader of a good arena clan, hit me up…

im talking about serious competitive players, that will do octagon for 10-15 mins before arena and want to actually get better and mainly win.

even if you don’t have a company but your an efficient player, look at my service record and add me and let’s play!

serious guys, I know some of you are quality players, and I’m good too! So hit me up… Let’s work on our teamwork… And let’s be the best.

‘Seen it coming’

(Sorry for the bad grammar and spelling I’m on my broken iPhone)