Okay, but that Mission Replay though

At first I thought this was just going to be a simple mission replay. Select the mission, start it off with a basic loadout as though playing it for the first time on the difficulty that the save file is under.

But no.

Starting off the mission allowing you to chose the difficulty and skulls to use. Keeping every single upgrade you have. Starting you off with the loadout you had when selecting the mission - I replayed Foundation with an Arcane Sentinel Beam and Infinite ammo and it was a BLAST.

And then on top of that, getting to replay EVERYTHING ELSE! Going after the High Value Targets, re-assaulting the Banished Outposts, even saving the Fireteams and re-capturing the Forward Operating Bases. And as well, it gives you the option to play the next level or exit back out to Zeta Halo.

I can’t wait for the Metagame to come!

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