Okay am I bugging? Like for some odd reason aiming feels a lot better than usual

Is this a fever dream?

Why does aiming feel so good? Is 343 testing some new aiming system or something? I’m using the BR like the nerf never happened. Like am I peaking? Did I seriously peak?

I’m am sooooo confused. What happened?

Edit: @Little_Squash @DERK_91 @IntoVaIhalla Has aiming been changed at all? It feels a lot better for some reason.


I’m not to sure if they did anything more since the winter update. I’ve not had any real issues since the nerf. The aim still feels a bit off with the aim assist because of how it works in Infinite.

When was the last time you played before today?

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I’m playing right now and all of a sudden my shots are more consistent and I can trace opponent a lot better than I was before.

I’m not sure if its placebo effect but I’ve been finding it better as well since Winter Update kicked in.

My experience as well!

It’s freaking me out to be honest. I don’t know if it’s all in my head or a backend update 343 implemented without telling us.

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I did play around with some of the control settings (again) - maybe thats helped me out too.

I actually followed many of the settings in this Slayin video - the weapon offset is something i didnt have adjusted before. Maybe that’s what helped me out?


When did you start noticing it?

I haven’t played in the last few days but I hadn’t really noticed a difference in aiming with the Winter Update so far.

Also, what are your settings if you don’t mind me asking?


This started late last night.

I haven’t touched my settings.

I have it set to 6.5 for both horizontal and vertical sensitivities. My accel is 4.

My deadzones are 3.5 for axial and radial. Outer deadzone is 2.

I think I might be going crazy.

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I haven’t played since before that and I’m out of town and won’t be on again until next week. Sorry I couldn’t be more help.

Have you found it to be more similar to MCC? I always found it extremely jarring switching between the two.

Not exactly, but I definitely felt a change on some level. It feels like the slowdown cone around the enemy spartans got a bit wider.

I played last night and didn’t notice any changes.

Tell me your secret.

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I played on the Custom Weapon Testing Map and after 10 minutes of messing around, something changed. The map has its own bots, too. It’s probably a glitch of some kind but I can’t say for sure.

Was playing BTB with some friends, definitely can feel a bit of improvement but still a bit of weird moments

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I have these games occasinally… where everything feels just perfect. But at the same time I’ve games were it feels like utter rubbish. IMO it’s a combination of ping, desync and probably FPS of opponents.

I highly doubt it doesn’t change in the next games for you… keep us posted. :slight_smile:


I’m away on a work trip till the 7th so I haven’t played in a week. However, from my knowledge aiming has not been changed.

Everything in this game however is connection based. It is possible they made some back end improvements to the servers and that’s why your aiming feels a bit better.


Whilst I’m
Pleased that some of this community are feeling a increase in accuracy for me it’s gone the other way since the update, before I was happy with settings but now………

Despite changing every setting, FOV, offsets and watching every YouTube “best setting vid”
I cannot find anything that works
Feels like the beta again
Every game is a struggle and at Mid Gold the amount of Smurfers is unbelievable.

Not giving up though !!!
Well not yet

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Ah I see. Hopefully, 343 is seeing this post. Waking up for a midnight play session and finding aiming feeling better is one heck of a shock.

I thought I gained super powers for a moment. :laughing:

I know what you mean, I had a night I was unstoppable. My shots were landing all the time. But it was for one night, after that. Scuffed, so I don’t know if it was a connection thing or if they did something

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I echo the above mentioned statements that it’s gotten worse. Seems like my aiming is worse to the point I’ve started messing with my settings after using the same ones for 6 months. My aim feels like it’s all over the place and can’t hold on anything to the point I was at at training academy trying to figure out what the heck was going on.