Ok What's the dEal??

Ok first off I’d like to say thank you 343 for making Reach more enjoyable gives me hope for Halo 4 and I really like that you put different map variants in infection and really like that you put heavies into big team. But what’s the deal with Reach right now first thing I seen screwy was the scores after the game and how they are never right they are always different when I’m playing in game and it affects my k/d ratio and I do not like that. Second was when I was playing Big team heavy, I was just nicely driving my wraith when suddenly it exploded vanish and said I committed suicide like wtf. This happened twice btw. Another thing that ticked me off was I wanted someone to get in my falcon but he just stood on it, then I waited for someone else and when I took off I killed him then he booted me. The next game I was flying the falcon again and while I was waiting for someone to get in a teammate in the rocket hog shot and killed me but it said suicide so I couldn’t boot him. Because of this I was pissed off so I went to kill him for it and got booted again, f*ck talk about bad luck.