ok this is a rumor and kind of an opinnion question

hey guys apparently from what im told by a friend of mine, apparently 343 is going to be making 5 reasonable changes to halo reaches multiplayer and maybe even the game itself if the issue is reasonable and requested enough and again before i get some rage post asking where i got my info its just a rumor even i dont know where it sparked off but i would love to see what people will say my top 5 things i would change would be
1.1-50 ranking system
2.Ranked playlist=MLG,Team Slayer,Team Dubs,BTB,etc
3.I hate to sound like every other generic person but that reticule bloom doesnt really need to be removed just reduced
4.a more intuitive and quicker way to find cheaters
5.Remove arena

so guys what would be your 5 changes if this entire things is true

My man :slight_smile: