Ok, the Weekly Challenges are getting stupid.

Last week, I took it as part of the April Fool’s Prank.

This week, its just downright pathetic.

If you take a look at today you have the Dailies and the Weeklies.

To Be Precise: Get 20 kills with a Precision Loadout weapon
Reward: 5000 XP

Spray and Pray: Get 200 kills with an Automatic Loadout weapon
Reward: 6000 XP


A weekly challenge, with ten times as many kills, is worth 1000 xp more than a Daily. This challenge should be worth atleast 20,000 XP, but if you look at the comparison, shouldn’t it be worth 10 times the daily?

Or atleast 7 times it since its 7 days, as opposed to 1.

This really needs to end. Fix the weeklies.

Atleast the Spartan Ops ones this time aren’t completely off.

Why does it matter?

> Why does it matter?

It matters to me. I don’t play all damn week, I like having the burst of experience to supplement my playtime. When they’re so low they aren’t worth doing, its annoying.