OK, so where is forge?

I may be posting in the wrong forum here, and if so I apologize.

I just want to know when we are going to see forge. I figured someone else may have more information than me. All i know is that we will be seeing it, and that it is better than before.

How long are we gonna have to wait? The game comes out in less than a month. I have been waiting for forge details ever since it was announced. Forge is like the only thing I do after a month of matchmaking and campaign. I am also a machinima maker so it’s kinda a big deal for me.

If anyone has any info worth sharing please let me know.

Next week.

Its been confirmed for info to come out before launch, and recently Josh holmes said that it will most probably be next week.

Taking a quick browse through the first section or so of threads would have answered your question. Just sayin’

Next week I think.