Ok so the community heavily pushes for selling individual items so instead they do the opposite

they raise the prices of small packs so we can shut it on the individual stuff then increase the amount of items in packs with a higher price so we have to pay more at once

so instead of going for individual they increase prices and items in a pack gg 343 is trash as ever


… thats what a bundle is. Individuals are always meant so be priced more than packs.

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800 for 3 items 400-500 for 1 item vs 1200 for 13 items yeah totally thats how its supposed to be :slight_smile: @UniSectorian

I think they have anough whales spending to continue without listening to feedback.


Keep defending this garbage. This contrived optimism is the reason a legendary game like Halo is in the GUTTER.


They removed and altered color palettes for emblems and nameplates both free and paid. “Radioactive” is so ugly and the paid ones in particular im frustrated about, they haven’t sold since last YEAR. This pricing stuff is baffling to see.


How much is that item worth it? I recall weapon coatings this week were literally 200-400 credits. What have you been watching?

1200 for 13 items is a huge deal. If you remember last year, you’d just get 3 items for 1500 on some packs. These deals offer so much more.

Bundles are to be a package deal for items groups together for a price cheaper than buying each item individually. If there was a pack with 5 items for 800 credits, but you just want to the helmet- the helmet alone would likely cost 600 credits by itself due to it being the main item of the bundle. This is a tradition to any marketing, not just Halo.

I’m assuming you must’ve been a pessimist for a long while.

Considering now I see every reply you make in someone’s thread is negative, I assumed right.

They’re taking the game console bundle path. Sell a bunch of what someone doesn’t want for a higher price, but manipulate them into thinking they’re getting a good deal because it would be more expensive to buy those items individually. Frankly, it’s insulting. The microtransactions in Infinite will always be massively insulting until they stop trying to rip people off. Who actually wants to pay for something they don’t want?


Thats literally what a bundle is, and does. You can literally see the exact tactics by going to a local Walmart.

Yes, that’s what I said. But the point is that people don’t want to pay for things they don’t want. You’re not actually saving money by spending more and getting things you don’t want and won’t use. They’re forcing you to spend more just to get what you want instead of selling things individually. More is not better when you won’t use that “more”.

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The pricing isn’t outrageous but I can’t justify buying a massive bundle just for a couple items I like

That pretty much sums it up. It’s a marketing move that’s proven to work. Yes it’s kind of anti consumer because it convinces them to spend more than they otherwise might want to but it’s how the game makes money. Anyone who still enjoys playing should want the game to keep making money.

I still think they should sell items individually but you have to expect they will be comparatively much more expensive.

But could you possibly lead to a new problem? Complain that an individual item is too expensive, and should be cheaper. Then that contradicts the bundle pricing?

Or are you okay with being with a 700 credit helmet out of the 1000 credit bundle?

It just cost me $25 for lunch at Maccas.

I think I should have bought a bundle :slight_smile:

As for the bundles themselves. I don’t tend to think off them as such. You wouldn’t pay for most of the other stuff… so I tend to ignore then in the decision.

Having said that… There have been some 50:50 decisions swing on a stance or accessory.

I haven’t wanted anything from the shop more than the White and Black coating for SPI, and it’s locked behind a $20 bundle with absolutely nothing else I’d ever use.


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They are literally warning us that these “super bundles” are for only available for a limited time, and that they will eventually release all the items individually at a higher price later in the season.

So FOMO for having to wait for it be available individually later. Why can’t it be released individually once it hits the store in a bundle ?

Literally punishing you by making you wait if you want to save some money and not buy CRAP you don’t want or will NEVER use.

One could argue that it’s not really the Bundle itself which is the issue, but how it’s used by the retailer.
Generally in my experience, bundles overall are a collection of items which are readily available as singles elsewhere in the store. I don’t need to buy the bundle to get a specific item.
Bundles overall are used by stores to attract customers and / or to get rid of an item or two they want to get rid of. Manipulation, certainly.


It’s a whole other level when you start looking at items that can literally never run out, and the storeowner decides which ones are available.

have you looked at the gears 5 MP store? I checked that game out well after its release and everything looks like its included in a pack as well as singled out for gouge purchasing. I don’t know how they rolled that stuff out originally but i can see Infinite’s store getting an “end-of-life” update making all things available…for purchase…but who knows when that’ll be…

@Fos_Kuvol I’m the same way about that security set in that bundle, not a fan of SPI. I’ve been waiting for security since launch but unfortunately we predicted it was gonna arrive in a $20+ fashion. ( https://forums.halowaypoint.com/t/wheres-the-marathon-security-helmet/482451 )

Yeah I’ve seen it.
I’ve played it on and off but I can’t for the life of me remember if it was bundled as well as singled out when the items were released.
Though I have a suspicion it was only bundled, and some of the items were in the battle passes. Some items in the battlepasses were not for sale as far as I remember when I played last time.