Ok so maybe brutes in spops??

Here’s a link

I hope this is not considered a leak if it sorry monitors :(…if not then yay brutes in SPOPS

It’s a Hunter. Look closely at its back as it swings the “hammer” (really their arm, just looks like a hammer) and you can see the spikes that stick out of a Hunter’s back.

I know what you mean but it looks like there are 2 arms holding it…either way it’s something to think about till Nov 6th


Looks like a hunter.

There was a thread about this earlier, and someone posted a that video but clearer, and you could definitely tell it was a Hunter.

Go to 7:42. It’s obviously a Hunter.

That’s obviously a Hunter.

Herp derp
Frankie said they weren’t in the game.

> Hunter.

They’ve already been confirmed to be in the game. Whether they are mentioned or not is a different thing.

There are 2 hunters fighting the players in those videos.