OK. Let's talk Infinity Challenge

So the Infinity challenge is on it’s final strech, and I was wondering since I won’t be getting first prize. Does everyone else who plays get a prize if they are at least high in Tier 1 (I am still in tier 2 because the freaking points max to get to tier 3 keeps going up -.-) So if you are at least in tier 2 do you still get a prize, because the prizes wer not explained that well
Sorry if this is confusing

Prizes for each leader board will be as follows:

Tier 1 Prizes (223 per leaderboard) Top 223 people will win a price.
Tier 2 Prizes (403 per leaderboard) Top 403 people will win a price.
Tier 3 Prizes (641 per leaderboard) Top 641 people will win a price.

To know what prices you have to go here: