Ok, just REWORK Warzone

It’s VERY easy to make Warzone competitive, agressive and funny:

Points just don’t exist. The objective is destroy enemy core and you only can capture the next enemy zone, (Unreal Tournament’s onslaught style). What about minions and “cards”? Minions are CONSTANTLY dropppin-in and people win REQ points killing them. Grunts-crawlers give 1 point, jackals 2 points, soldiers/elites 3 points, ghosts/hunters/knights 5 points, wraiths/banshees/phaetons 7 points… And there can’t be more than X quantity of Y type of vehicles. Now, random drop cards dont exist (theyre turned into other random cards in its range), and players can ever request a random drop (selecting weapon/drop type for a value).

Easy peasy lemon squeezy. Give us a nice warzone :frowning: