Ok, its not funny anymore

Why are the challenge XP levels still so damn low?

The dailies switched off the April Fool’s ones, but we’re still looking at all time lows for ammounts. 800 points for one, 1000 for the other.

The other XP lows for the weekly and monthly in both War Games and Spartan Ops are at weird low totals.

We were usually getting atleast 30,000-40,000 before for weeklies, now we’re down this?

If this is a prank for the whole week, its not funny. These XP levels are a joke.

heres the way I think of it. The faster you reach 130 the quicker you’ll have nothing to work for.

I just turned off Fast Track, but I’d still like to jump through the first 3 levels of every Spec like I used to.

Besides, I’m not someone who cares about “working toward a goal” in a shooter. If anything I’d rather just be done with it and be able to play the game without being distracted by things like XP or commendations.

I don’t get why you are so obsessed with the amount of XP.

I believe it’s to make it so it is more focused on gameplay and working towards the bigger challenges. Think of it this way. Daily ones can be done in under a day. So they aren’t worth as much, the weekly ones can be done in under a week which means they are worth something due to taking a bit of time, and the monthly one is for dedication and will take a while. So it’ll obviously be worth most.

> I don’t get why you are so obsessed with the amount of XP.

As someone stated, the challenges are seemingly harder this month. But the XP totals for harder challenges should remain the same same or increase. Not decrease as they have.

Obsessed is not the word, disapointed with the unwarranted decrease, that would be what I would say.