Ok I'm sold on Forge

After spending a copious amount of time watching videos about Infinite’s Forge, looking at the maps people have unofficially built and etc. Forge legitimately does look incredible. Why you ask?

  • Scaling objects (means you can do creative kitbashing I think its called and end up with cool and unique clutter and aesthetics on maps)

  • Way better performance and object limit. The devs talked about this for a while, in Halo 5 everything was considered “dynamic” and its why the object count was so small (like 1700 or something, compared to Infinite’s 7000) and there was a video by a man named Ducain23 where he specifically tried to kill as many frames as possible and the performance did not tank completely.

  • Way better lighting/shadows. They (343i) showed off a map in Infinite that was done entirely in Forge and it was a really really good looking dark map and its incredible looking compared to what Forgers could make in Halo 5’s Forge mode.

  • Basic features like undo/redo, being able to just fly through walls, nodes (which is basically scripting) and it’ll have navmeshing so although its only for spartan AI’s on November it is extremely likely they’ll have Banished AI as a cool addition down the road. Even has basic asset protection stuff in it so if you spend a hundred hours making a really cool set piece it’ll always be yours…

Forge will not save Infinite, but it is likely to stall for more time. I expect to see tons of proper map remakes and really interesting new maps being made over the coming months/years, so the content drought is coming to an end. For those of you that already love Infinite (bless your souls) your gonna be in for a treat come November, and its just the start of a wonderful time for the community :cat:

Edit: I really wanna do a Narrows remake, a competitive version of Behemoth, and then I’ll just be creating new stuff. What do you folks wanna create? I personally would love to see something like a Waterworks remake done very well, something that is old but given a new spin on it.


Narrows is pretty high on my list too!

I’m looking forward to seeing Jenga, Bumper Cars, Speed Halo, Infection, Trash Compactor.

As far as maps go? Highground(H3), District(H2), Lockout(H2), Hang Em High(CE). Those are my big picks for 4v4.


If Forge delivers to be actually good, there might even be better scripts that make those modes play even smoother


So far everything seems good, but I’m hoping that the scripting has not been dumbed down from Halo 5. I heard that there was no physics state change function in the leaked Forge version. To some that may seem like a nonissue, but that function alone allows for some jaw dropping utilities. I’m just worried about a loss of critical functions. With the scripting showcase coming next I’m hoping they can show that it at least matches the utilities that Halo 5 had, or better yet expand upon them.

For the building side of things they’ve once again managed to work their magic. It looks and sounds great.

I saw a Toy Story map earlier and it’s insane. Forge is literally going to change the game.

The maps are going to all look professional now. Halo 5 had some cool forge maps, but you could always tell it was a forge map. With these ones you won’t be able to tell with the good ones.

There’s going to be an endless supply of top tier maps because the forge community is awesome.

Cannot wait to see what people create and I’m also hoping this will be where we get to see the events feel a lot more like actual events. I’m talking Tenrai event being Energy swords and grappling hooks on a Funeral Japan looking map. The Winter Contingency being snowball plasma grenade fights on snowy, igloo maps. Let’s make the events feel special!

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Ok please explain to us peasants what that is. Edit: and why its useful

The leaked version is not as good as the one they showed off (which is how its supposed to be lol) so for example the leaked version struggled a good deal with lighting and such, but the one in November is obviously a lot better.

The real question I have is whether we’ll see any kind of Covie assets or setpieces, just seems like a lot of UNSC/Forerunner stuff but I love dinos :pleading_face:

yeah I think based on the improvements to object count and performance in general (there was a video by a Mr. Ducain23 that sorta showed how solid Infinite is in terms of Forge performance) I think we’ll see a massive jump in BTB Forge maps and the overall quality of 4v4 maps. That map that was shown off in the trailer dude was better than like half the 4v4 maps in the game already lol, so I think it’ll be pretty neat :pray:

Another question I have is would a BR mode be possible and/or well suited towards it? Is it possible to make good BR maps? :thinking:
Probably, but I think the potential is never quite as good as the reality. I am super freaking excited about 4v4 maps, but I wonder if it’ll be as grand for BTB and more um epic gamemodes the community plays with.

There are limitations to every map maker ever made, so this is not surprising of course, but do keep in mind that it will undoubtedly improve over time so we’re getting to the point where 343i can just sit back with Diet Colas and just watch us make their game lol.

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It’s basically where a certain condition is met that will make an object switch it’s physics state.

For example if I push a button whatever object that button was linked to will now respond to gravity instead and no longer be locked in place. I’ve made destructible bridges, buildings, furniture responding to airlocks, a destructible core room similar to the one in Halo 3 in the mission Cortana, and a few other things. It can also be used for objectives similar to Invasion such as defend a destructible object like a fusion core. That fusion core once blown up can trigger a wall to fall apart, a building to topple over all with actual debris that flies from the structure which can even kill depending on how violently it was ejected. It can be tricky to setup but there are tons of creative uses for it.

I’m hoping the leaked Forge version was just very out of date. I know some people found Halo 5’s scripting a bit confusing, but given a bit of time it’s relatively easy to learn and very, very, powerful.


I know it won’t happen but I would really like to see forage world from Halo Reach return especially with the more advanced Forge options we have now I think people could do incredible things with that map

i’m just hoping it doesn’t require online to use all the time like halo 5’s forge.

that was super lame that you could only forge with xbox live gold.

Forge world was awesome.

But Infinite will have so much more versatility. The different biome canvases for a start. And scaling objects will make terrain a cinch. In the video they showed a small rock being scaled into a mountain.

I have no doubt someone will recreate the old Forge World.

But by then you will be happily making your own in minutes.

Someone in the community will likely remake forge world- as ducain23 did in Halo 5, with less than 1600 pieces- but this time, there’s likely to be more than enough of the object count spared to make new maps. The scaling feature will make it possible to do more with fewer pieces. For example, with H5 Forge, I’ll remade the island section of Forge World that Paradiso was built on with 385 objects- I could probably remake it in Infinite with less than 250 pieces and even make it bigger.

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The problem is with recreating Forge World is that you would end up using a lot of your supplies therefore you won’t have much left to build anything on the map I actually want to build things on the map not use all my supplies just to recreate the map I don’t think it’s too much to ask for and they could easily make it for the game


With a 7,000 object limit you will have plenty left over- nearly 5x the limit H5 had.


it is true that the overall object count is much higher, that being said its likely that when you reach the upper limits framerates and performance go down with it.

That being said Forge World will absolutely be remade, the real issue is not enough water in the canvases I believe :thinking:

And a fraction of MCC/Reach/4s budgets

Wait did Forge come out already? Is it free to play like the multiplayer or paid like campaign?

its coming out November, and all we’ve seen/heard about it indicates its gonna be free.

That one was actually leaked a while back. So expect it.

That said, yeah. I spent a lot of time forging when I was younger. I am… EXTREMELY excited to try and remake some old playspaces my friends and I used to dawdle about on.

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Oh man, if that happens I can truly remake my old clan base from Reach. That would be oh so very perfect.

where? DM me lol

I sure hope so, if I see a Pit or a Lockout remake I’m gonna vomit. So many cooler maps that haven’t been remade.