ok im asking one last time i promise

hello every one,

i understand people would strongly disagree with the flood returning in the campaign, i would disagree with that but that’s my opinion and that’s not why im here.
im just curious does anybody want flood firefight?
is it a good idea or has the time for it passed?
has the flood game type been enough to fill that want for it?

im just curious. personally i hate halo 4s flood and as much as i understand the purpose of spartan ops over firefight(or at least id like to think so)
i feel there is room for both. spartan ops can stay story related and fire fight can be pure spartan vs covenant, forerunner, and flood that mayhem crazed people (like me) enjoy.

anyway no more babbling from me

Oh yeah, the Flood are going to make a huge comeback.

I cannot express how much fun I would have with a Flood Firefight…

Imagine you and your fellow Spartans fighting off endless hordes of Carrier Forms with life and death being held apart by your shotgun and your magnum. Imagine picking up a Flamethrower and spitting rivers of fire onto swarms combat forms that surround you by the hundreds. Imagine the look of fear yet determination that you will have as you see mountains of Flood heading straight towards you…

That’s what I want in Halo 5!

I’d much rather they improve regular Firefight first before moving on to more exotic modes


can you explain a bit more MSMC IS OP?

Bring it on 343i!

> interesting
> can you explain a bit more MSMC IS OP?

I just want them to improve on the regular Firefight (It’s a pretty basic horde mode compared to most others, more Gamemodes, custom options and gameplay would be welcome) before attempting something ambitious like a floodfight (That and I find the Flood boring to fight)