Ok I’m sick of seeing nothing but whining on these forums, so here are some real solutions to the problems

Ok here are the main problems that I will be addressing and that I think are the most important:

  1. Reworking store prices is a must
  2. The addition of new maps, and game modes
  3. Bug fixes and balance changes
  4. Better battle pass rewards
  5. Better BP progression

Alright these are the worst issues that I believe should be top priority in this game, so here are the solutions that I would suggest:

  1. Refund the difference of the cR prices that people have spent on the game BUT DO NOT TAKE AWAY THE THINGS THEY BOUGHT and then adjust the prices of existing store items

  2. Keep event exclusive game modes in the game and maybe add at least 1-2 new arena and BTB maps every 2-3 months and DO NOT make them paid DLC and put the maps up on Halo Insider in order to balance test them also prioritize development on original modes

  3. Simple enough, right? Just please focus on the performance of the servers and continue to fix bugs and glitches in both multiplayer and campaign. For balancing, if a new weapon or vehicle is added, include it in the Halo Insider flights for new maps and modes and tweak the balance of it in the gameplay

  4. What I mean is many, many, many fewer challenge swaps and XP boosts, and more cosmetics or the inclusion of 100cR every 5 levels and 200cR every 10 levels in the pass and some should fall in the free pass rewards

  5. This one is simple, just include pass XP for performance in game, which means more for winning, more for certain medals that you earn in game, basically the progression that you already fixed in MCC. Also there needs to be either an option to complete every challenge at once and just have more challenges to do, just like MCC and add more cosmetics in the free battle pass track. And most importantly… when you have a battle pass called “Heroes of Reach” maybe put all of the Reach cosmetics in the battle pass, and don’t put a majority of them in the store.

If anyone else has any other problems they want to list, feel free to comment and please actually supply a solution.


It doesn’t matter what solution is given, what matters is what 343 does and their idea for this game it’s completely the opposite of what the players would like.

So the complaining will never stop mainly because 343 is not interested in looking for solutions. Just saying, as soon as most of you wake up to that reality you will realize giving feedback is actually pointless. The higher-ups have things planned out how they want things to be, not how anyone would like to see things to be.


You really think bullet points and neat paragraphs makes you speical. All of these points have been beaten to death and explained in depth and in many ways. It’s simple. 343 would rather forget about the dissent


Fact: If you don’t whine or complain about an issue that needs to get fixed please explain to me how issues get fixed? hummmmmm I guess they don’t! :grin:


My main problems with the multiplayer:

  1. lack of maps, especially on 12vs12. 3 Maps with 3 game modes…wow, thats all?

  2. Still no ingame overlay for active tasks. What is my active task? 5 headshots? in Fiesta? Or in any mode? Who knows? I can’t check it ingame.

  3. still no performance-based rewards. No matter if you suck or are the MVP, you all get the same 50 exp at the end (or 300, 200, 100 for the first 6 battles).

  4. still not able to mute or report other people ingame. You have to do it via the Xbox Menu…yay.

  5. no motivation to play once you finished the battle pass


Hahaha you are kidding right?

Dude… if you bought an xbox at launch do you expect a refund of the difference when it drops in price 6 months later?

If you were unhappy with the price you paid for an item then why did you buy it. That’s on you.


I think you all are expecting too much from a small indie developer like 343 Industries, who I believe has a team comprised entirely of three people and a goldfish, and a budget of 12 dollars and this game being a passion project.


Yes, yes and yes. :ok_hand::ok_hand::ok_hand:

Lol proper, clean formatting does make you special, some of the posts on here suggest a great deal of people failed basic English.

Imagine trying to take a big dump on folks for communicating properly.


Those are some great ideas, TC!

Regarding 5, I’d love it if medals meant something. Exp, or at lease extra score. Even if it meant other actions gave less. No scope headshots and mythic medals are cool, but in the end, they mean little.

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You don’t even mention the cheaters. This makes me believe you don’t understand the current state of the game.

Onyx is nearly impossible to play without at least a single cheater in your game. It could be your team or the the enemy team. There is always a cheater in every game I play. The experience to learn from matches you lose is stolen from you. The satisfaction from taking that experience and winning a match is stolen from me. When you finally realize that and decide to go play some team tactical. You realize is almost just as bad because of your hidden match making rating and you are still getting cheaters non stop.

When “pro players” are willing to cheat in tournaments, that’s how you can tell the studio has lost the battle with cheats. No one respects 343’s ability to detect cheaters even if they are doing it right in front of them.


How much of the issue is servers?

I had an Xbox one X and a 4k@60 monitor, I was having problems like crazy with hit registration or enemies just appearing out of nowhere because they weren’t rendering in front of me on my screen.

I swapped to an XBOX SERIES S and a dell 1440p@120…I cannot describe how much better my experience has been online.

I knew I had a problem beyond servers when I was having hit registration problems in customs against Spartan bots…I shot one bot 18 times with a BR and never got the kill, at that point I had enough and KNEW it was an equipment issue.

I suggest anyone that can buy a new system to do it, I believe this is where some* of the issues are coming from.

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Ok some good points here, but they wont, and dont need to refund people who bought things on purpose for the price they knew before they bought it.

I agree there is too much toxicity on the forums. Constructive crticiscm is neeeded, but toxicity needs to go down. Here are my issues in priority and what id hope their product manager has in their backlog.

  1. Anticheat - Cheaters have become the norm. I used to see cheaters every few days, now its multiple times a day. I have a match recorded where it shows the person cheating with minimap and where enemies are coming from (ranked)

  2. Defects - Desyncs, hitboxes, and server issues - Had a friend start two games under the floor and get banned due to being unable to move.

  3. Ranking progression - The ranking is broken, it needs to be fixed. Its pretty clear there is something wrong. Id really like to see the game focus on winning vs. just kills. Too many people dont care about the win.

  4. Multiplayer Modes/System

    • Reconnection system needs to be added for disconnects/leavers. Players should be unable to join a new game until their previously started game ends, promoting reconnections/less leavers
    • Allow setting for region selection to help ease geofiltering, and latency
    • Allow for disablement of crossplay, and/or the ability to select input for full team matchmaking
    • Veto/Voting system for maps (Not as big an issue due to Behemoth removal)
    • There is a true lack of modes, and what people want. - Ranked Slayer, Ranked FFA, Ranked Doubles,
      Ranked BTB etc need to be added.
    • Harder bans for players leaving, and ban timer needs to be added back to the game
  5. Content - There are so little maps in this game, it needs new maps badly. Id honeslty be happy with them
    reskinning old maps from previous Halo’s until they can create new maps. (Beaver Creek,
    Midship, Zanzibar, etc etc)

  6. F2P credits - The ability to earn credits for purchases in the store like some other F2P games. This would help keep the population up. It can be grindy, but make it available for some purchases (challenge swaps, etc).

  7. Battle Pass/Challenges

    • The challenges are awful, and are ruining events/game types. When you release events, and then specify
      challenges like “get 10 kills with the pistol/2 back smacks” it reduces the games to not being fun. You are
      not promoting a fun environment. People are running around trying to get challenges, and not actually
      trying to play the game mode and win. Its the opposite of fun, its like a chore. Make challenges that
      promote playing the game type for fun.
    • The items need to be better. There was very little in the BP. I think they have heard this feedback.
  8. Store

    • Prices are still too high
    • Cosmetics are poorly implemented. For example: Why dont colors work accross all the armors? It would
      be nice if you could buy the ability to unlock a customization mode for armors (Think forza) - I know it will
      never happen

Thats all I can think of right now, but I know there is more.


1 or 2 maps every few months is not nearly enough. Especially for BTB which should have had at LEAST six or more before launch. 5 I could just about accept if they were good maps but 3 (3 horrible maps at that) is downright insulting.

We aren’t whining lol. This is feedback that they’re actually using. You address some individuals who are whining but majority of us aren’t and are just disappointed and vocal about it.

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They need to change how Armour cores work. It’s current state is extremely limiting and boring.
Make armour cores are like save slots for different Spartans you can have. But let us have any armour combination we’d like
Eg mark V helmet on a mark7 body with a Yoroi sword


2 maps every season ends up being 8 new maps per year.
If this game is supposed to go for 10 years, that is 80 new maps by the end of the game’s lifespan. Not including community made maps that might get added into the pool.
That is plenty


A lot of people are just being toxic. Its one thing to state your opinion and provide constructive feedback, and its another thing to whine and complain about every single thing in a toxic manner. You may not do this, but its rampant in this community (mostly due to the passion that people have for Halo)


You can do both. It’s also subjective on what you think is toxic or not

Or you could just not be toxic, and provide constructive criticism. There is a lot of toxicity not only in these forums, but in game.

Look up the definition of toxic, and its easy to spot the difference

“very harmful or unpleasant in a pervasive or insidious way.”

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