Ok, I am confused.

Ok, 343 said on one of the maps of the CMP (Harvest I believe) that is great for CTF and KOTH, but today they said that they are getting rid of KOTH.

KOTH has it’s own commendation plus they said the CMP was for objecive games like KOTH. So why are they getting rid of it for TR?

I am really confused by this. I mean what is there reason for this? They come out with a map pack for objective game types and then they take out one of the key objective game types.

Replace regicide with TR or at least Team Slayer Pro. We can still get commendation from TR and regular/BTB slayer but now KOTH commendations will take forever. Don’t come out with a map pack to address issues that you take out of the game.

So 343 please explain why you chose KOTH and not regicide or TSP? I am really confused.

KOTH generally has the lowest population.

There are commendations for all of the game types.

KOTH will probably be available to be voted for in the DLC playlist.

But not have its own general Playlist.