ok.... for realz?!?

ok so the new changes i think were ok even though most other people said differently, but now i found out that they changed the radar to be arrows and green and stuff, now thats really is just copying cod like it isnt broken why change it? it says it here


Call of Duty invented triangles now, too?!

I might be wrong but the color of allies were change to help those who are color blind and the arrows were added to help distinguish whether someone is above or below you.

If they were copying cod they would have a map which would show the level layout and not a radar.

imo they look ridiculous…they need to stop changing aspects of the game that don’t need changing, the game is gonna be unrecognisable eventually, i know its only a small change and nothing to get bent outta shape over…but still, don’t they have more important parts of the game to concentrate on


example in the link

Ok…for realZ<— + MV Black Ops = Ignored.

Honestly man? Your complaining about the mini map? They changed the colors… BIG DEAL. That wont determinately alter halo as we know it. and who cares if they tell us if they are above or below us… its a radar… I feel people are complaing just for the sake of complaining.

Also, as the first post said, COD invented triangles now??? I think people are giving COD WAYYYYYYY to much credit.

> Ok…for realZ<— + MV Black Ops = Ignored.


also kid with blackops in his name says he doesnt mind the changes in halo 4

I think we are noticing a pattern

So long as it isn’t like Reach where I can exactly whether the enemy is above or below me, I’m good.

But these arrows better not show the direction where everybody is looking. I got a bad feeling they will though. More hand-holding. It wouldn’t be surprising.

Um the current radar has arrows or a single arrow anyhow there just making it more distinguishable.

side the radar thing was a known fact since the halo/xbox first look video