ok everyone letes just calm down and put the pitchforks down for now.

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And what if i don’t want to put down my virtual pitchfork? After all, i am not entitled to listen to this surprisingly well written post. Pitchforks need a nerf i agree but this leads to my next point…

Can i have a cookie?

I couldn’t care less to be honest. The information released before this was bad enough, and I honestly thought it could not get worse. If this is true, well, I’ll just finish the novels and play Halo: CE zombies/ Halo 2 until I let my love for Halo fade away. To be honest, I don’t think the series was going to get that far with the immense player base loss in Reach.

If this isn’t true, then I will still pick it up. Even though I know it’ll be just like Reach, in the sense that I wouldn’t be able to stand playing more than 2 matches of it. I’ll pass the story mode, create some cool forge stuff, custom games it up, and maybe play a little multiplayer, I could use a break from competitive gaming, anyway.