Ok 343, We're done playing the Infinite BETA. . . Time to step back and make it a real game please

Now that Infinite has been out for a few months lets go ahead and take it back and actually fix the problems that should have been addressed before charging everyone anything. . . Cool?, COOL… . .
How hard is it to make Halo as Halo has always been except with a little more content? 6+ years on this game and its worse than any previous Halo… Embarrassing, for the devs and fans… But at least the investors and fat cats are cozy right? Because the rest of us, are NOT.


A botched game, a disappointed community.


And we’ve waited so long :frowning:


That’s putting it mildly. I think we are just doing a good job of concealing our energy pitchforks until the time is right.


Best community for a game ever. The halo veterans know how to be good to each other and help others while knowing the best things when it comes to halo. When you throw in Halo noobies who started on H4 or H5 they came from fortnight and COD so they brought there snowflake attitudes and short attention spans.

As for the game. Yes halo infinite compared the the previous titles is lacking with story, maps, weapons and vehicles. With little to none sandbox balancing. For example the wasp is OP and for the first time ever the banshee is terrible.

The one thing is that 343 made a name for themselves.
They go back on their word.
The most simplest thing with halo they will get it wrong everytime.

So its up to the community to show them the right path and what way 343 would be best to arrive there at a decent Halo game. Whats getting in the way is the Halo noobies who in their majority all complain with ridiculous thing like battle royal, cat ears cosmetics and I pay full price for the store because its my parents money lol.

Halo infinite needs a lot of work and i honestly believe it won’t be a half way decent halo game even a year from releasing.


Agree with this but the problem is they don’t listen the old community. The managment/buisness sector is the priority…


We, the old veteran players, are trying to give our feedback (granted we do it in a harsh and fiery verbal way) but a lot of new kids on the block that have admin functions keep silencing people and blocking their advice. Granted most of them just want to complain but even so, 343 needs to see 15million (that game sucks)people say the game is trash and maybe then they’ll take notice…


We don’t know what their next plan will be, what the next directions for the game are…


That’s the other part of the problem. They aren’t giving us any news showing that they are effectively listening to feedback or anything about whats upcoming to get opinions on where it should go.


That’s an overreaction. They can fix the game, nothing is impossible to fix in computer software. That doesn’t mean that it will be easy though.

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I wouldn’t say they Can’t fix it, but they certainly don’t seem to Want to fix it. That was rough for a championship event.

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It is a beta though, and 343 is pretending it’s a game.

If they can’t even handle a beta, what makes you think they can handle an actual game?


See this is that BS from the 343 cronies here on waypoint… They know they game is broken yet admins here in waypoint are literally snubbing these evidences from the community… There was nothing wrong with your post yet it was flagged and hidden. . .


For real, Halo 5 had 60 default colors, and 343 thought it was a good idea to only give players 10 as default colors and paywall the other ones.

Like no one wants to buy default colors. They could have attached those 50 remaining colors as unlockables for the campaign or attached them to indivudaly items like Armor Cores, Vehicles and weapons. Than the player has to unlock those skins for each one by just playing with them.

Content right there it’s not much but a small change like that would add layers of some grindable content. Instead 343 decided to use default colors players got free and place them as part of their store content.

Seriously I wish the moron who thought that was a amazing idea would step up


Even though this is true, the major problem is how long it will take. What, like 2 to 3 years if we are lucky with this “10 year plan”.

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Maybe 343 could do what’s right…. And rename all the games they’ve made - something like ‘robo man’ then MS can find a company to start again. Rewind!

I would very much like a new H4 and a new direction.

Pretty sure this statement is 100% incorrect. Most players who started with 4 or 5 are probably a younger crowd curious about Halo, nothing wrong with that.

I myself started with Halo 3 back in 2009, I was, unfortunately unable to be around for Halo 3’s launch, but if there’s one thing I’ve learned, I prefer hanging out with Halo 4 and Halo 5 players because they don’t have the “Holier than thou” mindset the Purists have. There’s a reason the Halo community gets a bad rep.

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I’ma veteran player and still like Halo 5. This whole concept that only new players liked Halo 5 is wrong


Have played since Halo 3 and honestly Halo 5 was the best iteration of Halo MP to date.

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Agreed, I want to know what rule was broken to have that post flagged. Cause that’s some nonsense.

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