Oh wow! They made a mister chief AI, that's so co... oh look at that, it's $20

You said, and I quote: “I have the money, I don’t care about anything else.”

In other words, the moral ramifications of your actions do not matter to you, only that you want something and you can afford it. That is, by definition, indifference, which is the defining quality of a bad person.

You didn’t say you “didn’t care for all the whining,” you said you “don’t care about anything else.” Those are two very different things.

By “anything else” I was referring to all the complaining here, in the thread I was replying to. Not anything else in the WHOLE WORLD. I thought that was clear, apologies if it wasn’t.

The ramifications of me buying stuff are nil. If I didn’t buy it, others still would. I don’t have an issue with the prices. People just need to grow up.

According to a recent poll on the halo subreddit with 50k or so responses, more than 80% of players have spent money in the store, with about 45% of those players buying the battle pass and 55% of those players buying other stuff from the store and the battle pass, or just store items.

Amazing post.
Should stay at the top until this is changed… No kidding.

It is almost like they are doing this to gauge our response.