Oh wow! They made a mister chief AI, that's so co... oh look at that, it's $20

Twenty. Friggin’. Dollars.

This is a child’s drawing of master chief, which (while I adore the thing) is only popular because its a meme and we live in meme culture. It did not take work, creativity, ingenuity, talent, skill, or even expertise to create this item. It took a day to record some voice lines (which are nothing special anyway) and a day to animate the model (probably the same day, actually).

And you want me to give you twenty dollars for this? I could buy four chik-fil-a sandwiches with that and they’d have put more work into making them than you put into this.


Don’t worry, it’s just a beta. all of that will be fixed when the full game is out in 10 years. Everyone just needs to be patient. 343 is a small indie dev team. They don’t have a lot of staff or money. It would be nice if they had a partnership with a big company like Microsoft, who could help them with these issues


Anyone remember when halo 5 was that bad that it got abandoned and 343I went back to MCC to salvage their reputation.

We’re about the repeat that.


Is Mister Chief even popular though? I thought it was forced.

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I was actually looking forward to new AI - to purchase or otherwise, whether 2000 credits is worthwhile isn’t the point.
However, given the current bug where AI, voice, and service tag customisation is set to default during matches it just isn’t worth money at the moment.

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Welcome to modern multiplayer video games, they exist solely to take your money.

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I said this would happen… I said I’d rather pay for multiplayer once with the campaign like every other halo game with free armour instead of paying 100s over the next 5 to 10 years for the sake of a free multiplayer and other forum writers gave the reply with a very confident “noooo that would be stupid, a free multiplayer with purchasable armour is sooooo much better!”

A couple of weeks in and you’re already 40% into giving your first 100 to Microsoft if you’ve bought the battle pass aswell.

Edit: I intended to add a dollar sign in the word Microsoft but 343 now block it with a yoink thing

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Inserts Anakin/Padme meme

So you bought it right?



I thought my AI had changed the other day - that explains it then, another bug…

It would have been a free pack or mod back in 2004.

Wait, what?!

Ib4 Elvis shows up defending 343. ( The multi-billion company ) “needs” the money to survive that put 90% of what they said a lot could be unlocked just by simply playing the game without paying for it in the shop.

The money it cost for these items doesn’t bother me, it’s the fact that 343 lied about the customization in this game. I can’t stand people that lie because it shows that their word can not be trusted at all. 343 has lost all credibility, that is a fact. What makes it worse is all these players defending a multi-billion company that had over a decade to do right by their player base and they chose to take advantage of their player base.

343 literally spent more time looking for ways to put things behind a paywall than actually being a AAA gaming company that makes a quality type of game.

When 343 actually backs up their own words, then and only then will I have a second thought about them.


Hopefully, they will but I’m not holding my breath seeing how this new model is set in stone.

They should go back to something similar to the rec points that would help a lot. I don’t mind supporting a compnay, but I can not support this more than obvious greed.

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Glad I have yet to encounter that bug!

I mean, I’ve always found it to be a funny little joke. I would certainly buy the AI for it, if it was like $2 which is what it’s worth.

well worth my purchase :stuck_out_tongue:

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Why do you give money to these people for doing literally nothing at all? You’re just feeding this wretched system.

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I like the things, I have the money, I don’t care about anything else.

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First of all, that’s lame af and extremely cringe. Secondly, it shouldnt be 20 dollarinos.


How gracious of you. You don’t care about anything else except what you want? So you’re just admittedly a terrible person then. Nice. Thanks for feeding the system because you couldn’t be bothered to care.

Imagine equating people buying things they want and not caring for all the whining to being a bad person lol. Seems like you’re the bad person to me.

The amount of whinging that goes on here is insane. Bunch if babies