Oh the fustration and current bordom

I NEED forge, the wait is killing me. I have always spent 90% of my time in halo either in forge or custom games like infection. I got neither people!!! On top of that my go to vehicle is the banshee, guess what, im level 44 and still got no banshee!!! ARGGGGGGGHHHH!!! Even more so is that there are only 3 warzone maps all with not that many Ai…I’m going insane… I understand why no forge but not having the banshee, why RNG god!!! WHY!!! …I…I, I just want to build stuff (quiet sobbing is heard).
Not really a rant but more of a sad expression of my lack of patience is over. I’m going to go hit my head repetitively against a wall now as i wait for forge.

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I’m really bored too

Yeah I’m in the same boat. My req packs are usually trash. Playing warzone over and over and getting losing streaks gets annoying as well.

Playing arena solo for me is out of the question. I have had enough of that. Only way I will play is with a team.

As far as content goes, this game has very little compared to previous titles. Bear in mind those previous titles had the same 3 year development cycle. It’s a shame really.

You could play Fallout or Blops until the imminent content drop.

It’s funny because the one thing I gave Halo 5 credit for before release was having a large amount of content…
And then the bad news kept coming…
The game doesn’t have a single thing going for it.
Maybe if the graphics were good, it would’ve at least had that …like Halo 4. But nope.