Oh PLEASE put weapon tiers in customs...

As some of you may or may not know. Warzone will have dynamic weapon and vehicle tiers. Which can be gained .

These are things like
>Different scopes
>Different range. ROF. Etc

Now I say keep most of this out of main Match making. BUT please god let it in forge and customs . Also in special modes (action sack. Classic modes)

Just to sell it more. There is a classic round scope BR. Possible CE pistol. Old rockets. And more

Now imagine a truly Old School Classic Halo 5 match
>No sprint (higher base speed)
>No abilties or extras
>Classic scopes
>Plasma Stun
>CE pistol
>And more

If 343 locks this stuff in only warzone they will be making a huge mistake

I’m not a Forger - I’ve not the time nor drive - but I fully support making Forge as robust as possible for the community. I’ve seen some awesome things from some really creative community members and I’d love to see that tradition continue.

I must ask though - and I swear I’m not trying to troll - but if you want a classic Halo match like you described… Aren’t you just better off playing classic Halo/MCC? Not disagreeing… Just saying.

It was just an example that people would get. Lime most people know what classic Halo is. So it was an easy example.

But maybe like no scopes on any weapons. Slayer. Or snipers with no scopes or something.

Also I didn’t even go over possible vehicle dynamics. Imagine hogs going 2x faster in crazy race modes

Fair enough!

A no scopes match could be interesting…

I totally agree… I’m just in love with Kelly’s shotgun
Although prophets bane did appear in the arena beta so I assume its likely to appear in forge

As awesome as it would be, I just can’t see that being a thing (as much as I want it to be a thing).