Oh no, another boring lag thread

That’s right people, another thread about the lag issue. The point is, if we don’t keep complaining, then 343 and -Yoink!- keep keep their heads buried in the sand.
After numerous threads, something was finally done about a ranking system. But as it stands it was a half hearted solution.
Every person I know has stopped playing h4 because of lag. Sure there are other issues, loadouts, op weapons, ordinance drops etc. But people can put up with these, but not with lag that makes the game disjointed and unplayable.
I can’t speak for players from other countries, but in Australia the issue has become beyond a joke. Imo this is a huge factor in population drop, but the problem is getting worse, not better.
-Yoink!- are quick to take our money for the game, and our xbox live fees, but give little in return. It is obvious that the shareholders are their only concern. They seem to show little concern for us, the buying public.
How can csr possibly reflect true skill when so much depends on connection quality? And no, I don’t have a bad internet connection.
There are those of you that don’t experience this issue, and I’m glad for you.
But for those of us that do, well the game is disjointed and unplayable.
I stopped playing about 6 weeks ago, for this reason.
My sister still plays, because she loves the game. But last night she had a game on ragnarok bts. Her whole team were lagging so bad that they were actually walking against walls etc. The other team won, 1000 to 120.
She is the sweetest tempered kid you will ever meet, yet at the end she threw her controller across the room and stormed out, swearing never to play h4 again.
It is only h4 that seems to have the bad lag. Reach, bf3, rainbow 6 etc are fine.
So at the end of the game, the other team members would have been happy with the boost to their csr, but did they actually earn it?

That sounds like most of the games I played last night. I can understand her frustration.

The point is, I noticed another locked thread where some one was mouthing off about how can people be bad enough to only get 5 kills.
Well quite often the end of game stats don’t tell the true story. Unless they address connection issues, then csr is a farce.