Oh Miller.....

It’s funny that during one of the missions in Spartan Ops Episode 7, Roland something about enemies moving near Miller’s position, and then Miller goes:

“Don’t worry, I got my <mark>Sidarm</mark> with me.”

Is he serious? He’s gonna fight Prometheans and/or Covenant with a <mark>Magnum</mark> if they try to attack him?

Oh Miller, will your comedy never cease…

(This forum really needs some comedy in here, and my last joke thread was filled with 343 haters. -_-)

He’s a spartan right? He should be able to take them with his bare hands.

Aren’t they always Damien?

Lol and I haven’t been able to play the episodes yet…they took really long to download and they still aren’t. So I’m still waiting to play them. Of course, I play on weekends.

Miller can detect enemy snipers from miles ahead, and if his sidearm doesn’t work, he can always get some new toys out on nowhere.

^But he needs Dalton for getting new toys out of nowhere. Where’s my Dalton?!?!!? He’s like Santa but he brings Guns instead of toys.

He is so super cereal about taking genocidal aliens and super-advanced AI with a magnum.

Palmer had magnum!

> Palmer had magnum!

That was, obviously, the Halo 1 Magnum.

> Palmer had magnum!

CE Magnum obvisouly!

he probably has the halo 1 magnum

Miller has damage boost on. He’ll be fine.

Don’t forget he can always call for some new toys.

His sidearm could easily be one of tose Prometheans blade arms, you never know…

Or a unlimited ammo Boltshot

Yeah, I like how Palmer can one-shot Prometheans with a Magnum when it would take us at least a full magazine to do that.

Hey, don’t diss the Magnum. It can really kick some butt if you know how to shoot.

this is so bad, notice Palmer uses Magnums in the cutscene, you are seriously complaining about a spartan running an op, having a sidearm…

Whoa. I think Palmer is a bit of a cheater. She dual wields CE magnums. I mean come on guys :confused:

I forget what ops it was but Miller was in charge and Roland was saying stuff like “but don’t worry Spartan Miller, I’M HERE” and Miller says “I’M IN CHARGE ROLAND, just be my extra set of eyes…please”

AND THEN the funny stuff happens - Roland freaks out big time making fun of Spartan Miller when the Prometheans appear…I love that part…

> He’s gonna fight Prometheans and/or Covenant with a <mark>Magnum</mark> if they try to attack him?

Hey, works for me in Multiplayer.
Most of the time.