Oh look MM is slow again...

Been searching (yes by backing out and going back in after 5 minutes) and have yet to find ANY games compared to last night. But then again, I can’t really complain. I wouldn’t be the slightest bit surprised if people just stopped playing this game all together.

I understand its 4 games on one disc, but with an obscene update size and a day one patch as well, you’d think the game would actually work. Smash brothers just needs to release so I can have a game I can trust and rely on. Cause this is ridiculous.

well the day one patch was just putting the multiplayer into the game. but i think a lot of people will still be playing this game when they fix it. maybe lost a few but i don’t think it will hurt the game to bad. unless it takes over 2 weeks to fix then it will hurt the game.