Oh joy. 100 more days until we earn credits

Wonder how much grinding we’ll have to do to earn store credit. Will it be fair? Or will it be as long as getting one peice of MK VII.

Also if you bought cat ears well done.

Only a thousand more to go until the game is feature complete. Can’t wait.

Literally. I will not wait.


I would assume that it will become a quite time consuming process to obtain credits and that a lot of playtime will be associated with a relatively small credit payout.

On the other hand, it shouldn’t be that big of an issue as long as the credit payouts are somewhat reasonable and that it’s feasible to collect enough credits from playing the game to unlock one of the daily offers in a single day.

Yeah the funny part is they think the issue is credits when the issue is people wanting to play the game. No BTB and theyre missing several game types from previous titles. These credits mean nothing to me, especially when the base game itself is broken and unplayable.


Truth is I thinks its both. If the game was playable there’s the players who have lives and jobs who don’t have time to grind but want to creat their own spartan.

Atleast in halo 3 and reach you could aim off for what armour you wanted.

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Yah blows my mind how they took 10 steps backwards with regards to customization from MCC after making it so extensive, and custom games options from H5.

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