oh cool. my rank dropped and now it's stuck...

So I was playing halo last night, was a rank 7. Yea I know not too high but whatever. So as I’m playing get in to a match that fails to load, and when I get tmcc working again, I notice my rank dropped to 1. No big deal, well I’ve played over 13 matches since that happened, and my rank is stuck at 2. No matter how bad/good I do it doesn’t change.

I’ve been de-ranked to level 1 five different times now. 3 times from level 4, one time from level 11, and once from level 7. It’s extremely annoying, and I can’t figure out what causes it (sometimes incomplete games, sometimes from quitting halo when I can’t find a game, sometimes from the game crashing).
However, I’ve never been “stuck”. To go up a level you HAVE to win, and ideally you will finish first or second on your team. Even if you win, but you are last on your team, you will not receive as much XP towards your rank. Same goes for if you lose… if you finish last then you lose even more XP. Even if you finish top on the losing team, you will still lose XP - even if you did better than the entire opposing team.
I doubt you are stuck at level 2, perhaps a bad placement on a losing team is offsetting all of your wins