OG Select

OG Select

By SecretSchnitzel

Contributors: SaLoT, Dawkins, Bleuprint, aPK, Controlix, Menotyou, Sethiroth

It’s back again! Unlike the H4 itteration, I’ve returned to the original design of Select that was featured in Reach’s TS, Doubles and Arena playlists, only this time with a redesign of the bases bringing them more in line with Narrows from which the map draws inspiration.


Rockets x1

Snipers x2


Being a Narrows styled map, you’ll want to push for top mid control and try to control the opposing teams spawns. Be wary of teams pushing to their basements to flank via the mancannon! Speaking of which, Sniper control is vital on the map and with them both being placed on opposite sides of the mancannon, it’s possible to double up your ammo.


Will edit the post to embed the screenshots when some one tells me how.

Looks nice!