Starting today 11/2/2015 I am now officially the founder and leader of the OG Killing Spree Incorporated here is the bio of the fireteam…

"Established in 2007, OG KSI is now an elite group of college gamers and close friends that are dedicated to dominating the battlefield with intense accuracy, precision, and swiftness unlike any other team in the world. We are dedicated to kicking -Yoink-, but having fun and showing the utmost respect for other players in the process. With the admins having known each other for multiple years, communication in the team is key, and it is that trait that determines whether teams win or lose games. Communication between our players is excellent, and probably one of the strongest aspects to the team. Each player has different skill strengths and excels in different areas of the game. With that being said, each player contributes equally in their own way and provides the team with much needed support in their areas of expertise. Our team is not snobby, we will include anyone who wishes to join us, just be willing to learn and contribute to the team. We do, however; ask that members who wish to join us be 18+

We are all online at different times of the day. We are all in college or just about to graduate from college so our workload is very high, and we are all adults with actual lives and yes, this means women in those lives… This means that we are not going to be online at all hours of the day, and it also means that some days we will not be online at all. This means that the rules of this clan are not strict, and we pride ourselves on being laid back and down to earth about who can get online at specific times. This is truly just a hobby, but who says you can’t be very very good at that hobby? nobody…

What we do is simple. Win games. What we are here to do is win and kick the -Yoink- out of all others in opposition. If you have a good team, than winning is going to be very easy. Together, we can help each other rank to the highest skill rankings in halo and have an amazing time doing it. Sound enticing yet?

A little about recruitment and rankings: you will start out as a member. The more people who recommend you invite to the fireteam the more promotions you will receive (only after that person is apart of our fireteam). We will discuss your promotion status, just pm me on waypoint or xbox live the gamertag of the person who wishes to join, I will then send out an invite and you will recieve promotions based upon whether that person accepts the invite or not. Remember, you will recieve a demotion if the person resigns from the fireteam. The practice we are trying to achieve here is by offering like-minded halo players a community to be apart of. We can only accomplish this with active and new members.

If you would like to become part of our team, PM either me (DapperDanAdMan) or Sergeant Hao on here or on xbox live. We will discuss your enrollment and you can tell us a little bit about yourself. Do not pm us if you do not wish to play fair, trash talk, or act pretentious in any sort of way. Like anything, this is a learning experience, and our belief is that anyone can become a decent player if they are taught how to become one. This is what we are here to help you become. With our pro league connections and years of self-taught expertise, we can help one another become the best we can be."

How can you be the founder starting today if you say it was founded in 2007?

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> How can you be the founder starting today if you say it was founded in 2007?

KSI was founded in 2007. It was originally a Halo 2 clan exclusively. I was apart of that clan back then, and now I’m bringing it back with the new clan “OG KSI”. Because the original founder and I were very good friends, but he was much older than I was, I have his permission to start the clan back up with a new name. Sorry for the confusion.