OG Halo Default Button Layout?!?!?!


Wait, so Recon controls aren’t in?


They do have it and now that I’m looking at it It’s probably the closest thing I’m going to get but idk why X is sprint it should be LB but whatever everything else looks good with it so I’ll try it.

I understand your frustration. The new control scheme doesnt bother me much because I’ve been playing Destiny since day one as well, and its pretty much the same. But I play southpaw and there are alot of games that I have bought over the years that just don’t have the scheme in the game at all so Im S.O.L. But if it makes you feel better the New Xbox Experience that launches on Nov 12th has a controller remapping function my buddy is in the preview program and on Monday night he was at my place for the midnight release and we were messing with it before Halo unlocked. It works great! He mapped his A button to up on the dpad and it worked flawlessly. So you can make the buttons whatever you want man!