OG Capture The Flag Maps!

In all of the BTB Capture The Flag mode the Flag is puts the flag and flag cap area in two different in the map.

In all of the Arena Capture The Flag mode the you cap the flag at the same place where your flag stand is and never changes to a different area in the game like the way Halo Capture The Flag has always been played.

The different is the BTB you have the pelicans dropping Tanks, and Banchees etc etc. and the Arena Map you don’t have the pelican dropping vehicles.

I am a Halo Traditionalist. I will be using the Arena Maps for my Custom CTF maps. I will put in the Tanks, Banchees etc etc. With some cool mods. IE: Ammo Box where you can refill your ammo in “ANY” weapon, Ejection seat when your vehicle is getting to blow up so you don’t die. and lots lots more. coming.

I have had people tell me forge will come out in September. Well September is in two days. Lets see what happens.

Peace! :fist_right: :fist_left: