Offline to Online ranks

I heard that if you go from offline to online, you lose nearly all of your credits save around 25000, and I was wondering if this applies to ranks.

I’m just worried that I’ll lose my ability to buy new armor/helmets, but getting more credits shouldnt be a problem.

You will get about the amount you specified, I believe. If I remember correctly, you will lose all your armor and your rank will be drastically reduced (to the rank that you would have if you did have 25,000 cR). You will also never be able to make it an offline account for Halo: Reach after you’ve gone on Xbox Live with it

Though since I have always been an online account I don’t know for certain

See the thing is when I got Reach, I just moved house and didnt have an internet connection. When I did, I mainly played CoD (I know, this is gonna get me lots of hate mail). I finally got bored of CoD when I realized how many boosters/hackers there were, and moved over to Halo.

I played mainly campaign offline, and I’m Warrant Officer 3. I’m really afraid that if I start playing online, it’ll really screw me over rank wise

Check out the Halo: Reach Support FAQ. The first section addresses credits. :slight_smile: