Offline Legendary Campaign Problem

Hello everyone
I was having internet problems last night and decided to start my solo legendary playthough.
I beat Dawn on legendary (plasma pistol FTW!) and then signed into LIVE when my internet connection was no longer acting up.
The problem is that I don’t have the Commendation for beating the mission on Legendary now that I’m back online. I have the emblem next to the mission for beating it on legendary but no credit for the commendation.
Do I have to beat the mission again? Or can I just continue? I am half way through the following mission and would hate to lose my progress.
Anyone have any insight or knowledge they could drop on me?
Anyone else have this problem?
Thanks, my lovelies.

Unfortunately you have to be online when you beat the mission to get the commendations. I completed 5 of the 8 levels offline so now I have to replay those 5 to get the commendations to get Mk VI.

Oh jeeze, that’s not fun. Thanks for the reply.
You think I’ll still get the achievements if I continue and just go back and beat the mission later?

I can confirm you get the achievements just fine. Just not the commendations required for the Mk VI armor.

The same thing happened to my brother and I when Halo 4 first came out. We beat legendary on the first day, but we were disconnected from Xbox live. We didn’t bother to reconnect to Xbox live and we got the achievement for beating the campaign on legendary. Next day we sign in and it says we only completed 5/8 missions, so we had to go back on and redo the last 3 missions while connected to Xbox live. It’s a pain that you have to watch out for unfortunately.

ahhhhh son of a !!!
good to know

Thanks fellas, glad this was cleared up for me. 'Twas quite confused.
I’m glad I caught this early.
HellJumper, I feel your pain, man. But, then again, nothing wrong with playing a little extra Halo.
Any particular mission I should watch out for on legendary? Any certain parts that were really hard or any tips or anything?

343 really made it rough for those without XBL.

No spartan OPS.

No wargames.

And this? Wow! Go get XBL!