Offline LAN Campaign issue

I was trying to do some LAN campaign with my friend last night. Everything would appear to be working, we could join each other’s lobbies and everything. But if he was hosting, the mission would start to load and then it would take us to what looked like the main title loading screen and then kick us out, splitting our party. If I hosted, however, it would take us to the mission loading screen, load all the way to the end, and then he would get this message:

“Your account settings do not allow viewing user generated content. Please change your user account settings to allow this content.”

Then it would kick us out and split us again.

We connected back to the internet, messed with all of his privacy settings, looked it up and found nothing. No matter what we did, it wouldn’t let us play. I don’t understand how there is user-created content in the campaign. Does anyone know how to fix this or at least where I should report it?

Tl;dr - tried to play LAN campaign, got strange error message, need some HELP from y’all.

This seems pretty weird, but the “user generated content” message kind of points back to Xbox Live privacy / family safety / child account settings.

A couple of things you can try:

  • How are you connecting to do LAN? Did you change the network type in the MCC settings to “LAN”? - Do LAN multiplayer (i.e. Slayer) games work? - Do Xbox Live multiplayer (i.e. Slayer) games work? - Do split-screen campaign co-op games on your friend’s Xbox work? - Do split-screen campaign co-op games on your Xbox work? - Do Xbox Live campaign co-op games work? (“Xbox Live” match, even if you are in the same home network)