Offline H4 player

I played Halo since CE, offline, perfectly fine with it, everything was unlocked, Campaign of course, multiplayer oh hell yes, firefight YES SWEET, Spartan Ops WTF DUDE?! I’ve got my account linked to xbox live from a friends, but at MY home, I don’t have the greatest internet ever, limited usage, not highspeed at all, but love the game, adn the ONE factor, screwed my offline gameplay, spartan ops is online only, for gold accounts ONLY

WTF 343I? I love the entire game, and this is locked from me, even with limited edition I barely grabbed without pre order, its majorly depressing, why would 343I do this?

And even online, people haft to buy gold, any comments Waypoint?

Get a 14 day trial? Someone will probaly give you one here, is that a solution?

How do you plan to download the episodes with no internet (Gold)?

Plus, they are DRM protected, no way to check for piracy offline.

I had no idea it was for download only, that still sucks…I’d get them from friend’s place I rarely visit, but even then would need Gold, which I have a 14day from LE, but it wouldn’t show offline to play at any time

And 1st post, I’m on extremely limited usage, hard to find good companies in the south and I’ve tried for years for unlimited high speed