offline custom games and forge

I don’t know bout you but I want to have split screen again I miss forging with friends offline at my house and playing slayer on those maps 343 please in the memories of reach dlc please put spilt screen and offline custom games and even forge please.

Split screen always gets me. If they release a giant Halo pack someday with all the games 1-10 or however many and youre trying to play them all through with a friend or whatever… 5 will be the one you cant play split screen together :frowning:

I agree with you Wildcat - it can’t be that difficult to enable the option for Forge offline at the very least. When I’m online I want to be playing with people, but offline (for example when trying to manage my internet data package) I’d love to be able to build cool maps or gametypes to show off to my friends online. I haven’t touched Forge yet as a result since it would require I be online to do so.

Hey OP, we have a large thread talking about Split Screen, you can add your thoughts there. Regarding Forge offline, I believe the Forge team have talked about this on Twitter previously that it’s somehting on the list to look at :slight_smile: