Offline Bots a good replacement for Firefight?

After watching the Conan O’ Brien video over and over again, it got me thinking that at the end of the video, the AI getting shot can be an offline bot that can probably be used as a gametype just like firefight, but instead, the enemy would be Spartans Computers. Kinda like a RvB offline.

If they did this they should program the bots to be like real players I.e. betrayals and teabagging etc. that would be halrious.

it would be nice to deal with intelligent AI. Playing ctf against bots who try to go for the flag as a priority would be great. Change the gameplay of some players…since a lot of gamers these days play objectives like they would slayer…

bots would be cool like training for mp

And it would help test new maps and gametypes.

I’ve been screaming for bots for a long time. I play a lot of Black Ops, UT3, and Shadowrun, only to fight bots. I loves me some good simulation matchmaking. On Black Ops, me and my friends use Combat Training as our custom games and fight bots all damn day. A similar mode in H4 would make me so happy, I’d cry. Hopefully we will see Spartan bots in Halo 4.


Bots would be amazing to have in Halo 4! It would be neat if you could set a level difficulty for them too.

That would be brilliant.

> Bots would be amazing to have in Halo 4! It would be neat if you could set a level difficulty for them too.

What if the bot using a certain online friend’s gamertag (like in BlackOps)also examined that friend’s past Halo multiplayer history to evaluate what type of player he/she is?

You could have a bot that you KNOW betrays your team quite often, goes for power weapons all of the time, or likes driving vehicles a lot… and of course teabagging IS A MUST for Halo 4 bot multiplayer.

If bots actually betrayed and t-bagged people would get even more butthurt than they do in an actual online match…

Bots could never replace Gruntpocalypse. I wasn’t too big into Firefight, but that is one thing I’m upset to see lost.

Bots in sandbox games never end up well.

That was an AI in the video o.O where have I been?

> And it would help test new maps and gametypes.

I doubt that would be possible for AI to know how to move around custom maps.

It would be cool though.

YES! I wanted this for ages. Bots that do what they are supposed to, Bots that go for Power Weapons always and camping bots would be awsome. No betrayals. Thats bad.

Yeah it would be awesome.

I hate it when friends come over to my house and get sick of playing custom games because they’re always losing, and if I let them be my guest they just go horribly negative and cost me some games. Bots is a great solution to this, they would be able to feel good about themselves, and everyone can have fun.

It would be even better if you could put them on a really high level, so that they’re challenging.

I agree. Not having firefight is a huge blow to me, but playing against bots could easily fill that gap.