Official word? Cap on commendation XP?

Is there any official word on when you hit daily XP cap and still play you do NOT get commendation XP while playing?

Not earning Game XP I’m ok with when hit daily cap. But I’ve worked hard to get XP for commendations so I will stop for the day if not earn XP for them.

Asking because I should be approaching my daily cap and I do have some commendations close to finishing up.

Just a little worried that’s all.

Given what a pile of YOINK! the cap is, I wouldn’t risk it. Save them for tomorrow.

I know it sucks. Me and my friends always call it a night when we hit the caps, rather than, y’know, staying on and enjoying the freaking game.

Way to penalise people who ENJOY PLAYING, 343…

This is a wonderful question. I don’t have an answer (sorry) but I believe this topic deserves to be bumped and answered.

I do believe its just like reach, once you hit the cap, your commendations freeze as well. I will test the theory of the weekend.

Definitely wait until the next day.

Ok thanks folks.

Was not sure so thought better ask.

Daily cap on the game XP I can deal with, but my XP commendations…forget that. I worked hard for those. Blah!

Deff kills my fun for night right then and there.