(official)-What_Do_You_Want_In_Halo_4?- Please_Add_Ideas!

(LONG READ AND CRAP SPELLING)… you have been warned :wink:

Not all of us in the halo community are savage beasts of the MLG (jokes) and we like to have fun on Infection, map building, being a rebel and gliching, killing our best mates in a not so friendly game of Slayer or Invasion, Its called Custom games! here are some of my ideas for halo 4 to make it ever so great! :smiley:

.Fire fight
.Duel Wielding
.Custom settings
.Armor and Character skins

Fire fight

I suggest that in the options for custom fire fright, where you can select what waves will arrive (like in reach) that there are 2 teams:

And during this you can select what teams will take part in the battle and what units will appear on each wave, As shown below (also take note in being able to chose vehicles as a unit instead of a squad);
[UNSC] -red Team
1st wave:

  1. marines
  2. Sniper Team
  3. warthog unit

2nd wave:

3rd wave:

Bonus wave?

[Covenant]- Blue Team
1st wave:

  1. Grunts
  2. Jackals
  3. Elite with Ghost

2nd wave:

3rd wave:

Bonus wave?

This way you can play fire fight in the view of an elite and if possible make it a 8-side team game like Invasion?

Also a good option to have would be how the units arrive, Explained below;

Wave 1 options
1.Grunts -> Phantom drop ship
2.Jackels -> Spirit Drop ship
3. Elite with Ghost-> Phantom drop ship with Banshee escort.
1.Marines -> ODST drop pods
2.Sniper Team-> Falcon
3.Warthog Unit -> Pelican with Hornet escort

Obviously there would be more options smiler to these like Pelican’s on their own, randomly appearing on the map, Spirit drop ships with escorts etc… the list can go on!

I think the ability to chose two teams in fire fight would crate huge battles- you wouldn’t even have to take part… you could sit in the corner of a map and just enjoy the view of a huge scale war! :smiley:


I under stand the whole argument about how forge worlds and forge maps take up a lot of memory and console enegery (or whatever) so how about an optional forge world to install to your xbox upon launch of halo 4? This map would be huge and not many restrictions due to memory being saved on your hardrive!

This map would take place on earth near New-Mombasa (or however you spell it) in the dessert- much like in levels 4 and 5 of Halo 3… Travis high way… or something like that :slight_smile:

In this forge world you can get every vehicle, turret, crate, barrel, weapon, wall, fence barricades you can see from any halo game belonging to the UNSC or Covi! so no more grey walls! :smiley: the walls are made up from snippets of maps like power house, and the mission on halo 3 just before the flood arrives (sorry name slips my mind)


I think the ability to place down a large verity of weapons in forge for you custom games would be amazing, it would help make many good game modes and allow different experiences in custom games and custom games only!

I the fact 343 cant be bothered or dont have enough time to make new weapons… they could copy a weapon such as the assault rifle and give it a 60 round magazine and a silencer to make a spec ops rifle with basically no effort but a small skin change, make it not appear on radar when shooting and a larger magazine size!

other ideas are:

.Variants of the smg, Normal and ODST smg.
.Battle rifle with m16 skin.
.Magnum with D-eagle skin.
.Brute plasma rifle (a red one for those who dont play halo2) and normal.
.a batton or night stick (works like a sward) so you can make cool cops and robbers game modes!
.The shot gun but with drum mag, slightly faster firing and lowered damage.
Grenade launcher with round drum… Like on the side of falcons in Halo Reach story.
.Carbine with paintball gun skin.
.Sniper with 10 round mag and 50 Cal skin.

Could go on all day!
May I say new weapons dont need to be balanced or fair! They could be just for custom games!

I also think 343 should import all weapons from previous Halo games… so that means DMR’s and Battle Rifles in the same game! Both versions of Assault rifle… with 60 round mag and 36 round mag.

Duel Wielding

I think Duel wielding should be in Halo 4… however take the SMG for example, You can only kill someone of you are duel wielding it. To combat this and make it fair, I propose when you have one SMG(or outer duel wield-able weapon) it has fairly good accuracy, but when you duel wield it… it suffers horribly from recoil and accuracy. This way duel wielding is only useful in CQB, but you are still able to use and kill people with balance- when the weapon is not duel wielded!

Also with my ideas above- for having the Halo ODST SMG and Halo CE magnum… you can use scopes on them until you duel wield them. This way you can stop over powered weapons.

I think for custom games sake, you should be able to say if a player is able to duel wiled or not.


Post your ideas below and see the list grow!

The ability to change color like with the mongoose!

Just Everything from every previous halo game!

warthogs-guss-troop-scout-rocket-pc halo rocket hog etc…

Different shade turrets-Fuel rod- AA- halo ce shade turrets too!

Banshee-herotic banshee with no banshe bomb but faster firing plasma!

PELICAN+ Phantom

CIVI VEHICLES!-police warthog (no turret and flashing lights) - Gangster warthog(cool paint job, go faster stripe and spinning rims) - forklift- work trucks and lorries-

Ghost with duel needlers and green paint job

Destroyed Vehicles and crashed pelican/phantom.

Post your ideas below and see the list grow!

Custom Game Settings

Yea it’s not a very long list, but it needs to be said!.. :confused:

.The ability to make a player not drop a weapon when killed… so pesky humans in infection dont steal swards >:(
.On match making there should be no bloom, but I think all weapons should have the option to suffer from bloom in custom games.
. The ability to make a player unable to duel wield weapons. (see Duel wielding)

Post ideas below and see the list grow!

Armor and Character Skins

Forge bots
As well as being able to change Elite and Spartan Armor. I think Forge bots could do the same! I also think a secondary ability would be pretty cool and I think it would be awesome for Machinima!
.Oricle, choice of colors and special ability when left trigger puled to fire spartan lazer!
.Covi Engineer, special ability, when left trigger pulled it repair vehicles in contact and gives all team within proximity over shields
.Sentinel, special ability, left trigger pulled- can use Sentinel beam!
.Maybe a UNSC-UAV?

Spartan and Elite armor!
I think in reach the customization for spartans was amazing! However the elites sucked! Halo 4 should have both races equally good with customization!
.I think there should receive armor not only with with credits, but get them from achievements and ranking up too!
.I also think it would be pretty cool to customize the color of each pice of armor-such as right lower leg color, right lower leg secondary etc- Instead of just the whole body primary and secondary colors. I also think the under armor (the black rubbery stuff)should be able to be changed like camouflage, urban, blue camo, red camo etc…
.More visor colors! Red, pink, green, orange, purple, steel!

Sorry for bad spelling+Grammer-Dyslexic-Sew me!