official UK release date help

Hello (i’m fairly new to these forums so please dont flame me like the bungie forums :slight_smile: )
i just want to know the official UK release date for CEA because i’m getting no clear answers.

IGN says 31/12/11 UK release
GAME website says “release date : Preorder”
GAME instoor staff says “2012”
gamestation website say november 11th
and other mixed sources say around november 15-18th

can anyone please clear me up on this?
thanks :slight_smile:

It’s 15th Worldwide last time I checked, I heard rumours of it coming out on the 18th a few weeks ago but nothing official from 343i.

ok thanks bro :slight_smile:

> ok thanks bro :slight_smile:

Just to add on as well, every trailer for CEA has said the 15th of November.