Official solutions for the Halo 5 install issues?

Hi everyone,

I just wanted to ask if there were any official FAQs for getting around all the Halo 5 install issues? I have seen lots of forum responses but most aren’t applicable or just aren’t really helpful at all. Any help would be most appreciated as I have been trying to install the game from disk for the past 12 hours and have rebooted the console and my router on multiple times with no improvement in download or install speed. I am located in Australia. Looking forward to your replies. Have a good day!

It looks like you got your game to work mate. I’m also in Australia. How did you resolve it? My game keeps stoping at 11%… changed dns, gone offline, done all the fixes online.

I was installing from disk and I basically had to let the install run its full course. If you start the install and allow the game to accept the latest updates, it basically just downloads the whole game from scratch which is about 57Gb I believe and this took me almost 14 hours to download on my crappy 12M ADSL connection

Your best option is to install from disk and not to accept downloading any updates until the game fully installs from disk. One this is done then run it and update. That should be a lot quicker.

Don’t bother with changing DNS etc its just a massive download depending on how fast your internet connection is. Just be patient…

Thanks for replying. If I go offline, remove the currently installed part of the game, then start the installation again from scratch it stops at 13% - thats offline so it can’t receive any updates. I know I have the latest update on the xbox itself as a friend told me that could be the problem. When you say you had to let the install run its full course - do you mean when it stops installing you actually just don’t do anything and will keep going despite it saying it stopped, or do you keep hitting retry installation? Mine seems to do nothing if I leave it after it says installation stopped… and its always that same 13% mark. Offline or online, it doesn’t matter.

Sorry I missed your reply! Are you up and running yet?

I just let my install run overnight and through most of the next day. I know it sat at a certain percentage for a really long time but I did not really pay attention to be honest with you. I just checked it out for the following evening and it had completed installing. The whole process was painfully slow.