official help please

Ever since the latest update (up to Gamma i think it was) Waypoint has been just slaughtering my internet speed. Everything else works fine but when I open waypoint up things slow to a crawl. Any ideas?

Another thing… I asked the general community last time but where can I find the waypoint video archive? One player suggested just typing it into the search bar and that worked ok at first until I wanted to watch matches 1-5. (Stride Championship) Have those just not been entered into the archive yet. Yes this is my fault because I don’t understand the website yet but I was looking for the RvB MIA episodes and once again couldn’t find them (other than 1 and 2). I would type in the exact same thing as I did for 1 and 2 and it would come up empty.

Finally, I am still receiving notification emails at my old email account. I tried changing my Xbox Live email but it didn’t fix it other than making things even more difficult. (I now need to Sign into my old email to see if I have any notifications, then sign out of that account and back into my new one just to post on threads). I don’t know how else to change that as I cannot find any “Change Email” option on the site.

Clear your cache, that may help.

Thank you I’ll try that, any ideas about the videos?

Have you tried different browsers?