Official Halo 6 Wishlist Thread

I thought I’d make an official Halo 6 wishlist thread so that we could all post here since there were multiple threads talking about it. So we can all talk about what we want for Halo 6 here just to keep things more orderly and hopefully 343 can get a lot of good ideas from this and make well needed changes for Halo 6. This here is my wishlist.

There are a lot of things that Halo 6 needs to be successful and put Halo back at the top of the FPS genre. If all these are in the game at launch, Halo 6 will be a huge hit. What Halo 6 needs to be a huge hit is

  1. Classic Artstyle(a mix of Halo 3 and Halo Reach’s artstyles. Basically how the art is in Halo Wars 2).
  2. Classic Gameplay(Halo 3’s where you have no sprint or abilities. You can pick up equipment and you have to try your best to control the map.)
  3. Dual Wielding(Only for Social Modes and Custom Games. Keep it out of Ranked since a lot of people didn’t like it for Ranked.)
  4. Halo Reach’s Armor Abilities and Loadouts(Only for Social Modes and Custom Games. You can make amazing unique game modes with them.)
  5. The 1 to 50 Ranking System from Halo 2 and 3(It was the best ranking system, it took the most skill, and it was a real accomplishment getting to Level 50).
  6. Halo 5’s Forge(but improved on)
  7. Weapon and Vehicle Variants(for example the Hannibal Scorpion and Nornfang)
  8. Playable Elites.
  9. Halo Reach’s Armor Customization.
  10. Halo Reach’s Firefight(with full customization and all it’s gametypes).
  11. Invasion.
  12. All gametypes Halo 3 and Halo Reach had at launch.
  13. Black Undersuits(or to take it a step further, customizable undersuits where you can make them any color. But they’ll be black in online multiplayer)
  14. A great campaign.
  15. Proximity Chat(It was so funny hearing your enemies talk when you were near them)
  16. Partying Up from Halo 3.
  17. The Funny Screams from Halo 3(I just love how funny they were. It’d be great if Halo 6 had some death screams so funny, you’d laugh your butt off like in Halo 3)
  18. Forge World(I really hope it does come back in Halo 6. To this day, the greatest Forge Canvas)
  19. Halo Reach’s Level of UI.
  20. Great maps on the level of Halos CE-3 and Halo Reach.
    21: Offline Custom Games and Forge.
  21. Custom Game Browser.
  22. Completely scrap Req Packs/Microtransactions. They don’t belong in Halo. I’d seriously rather have paid DLC that’s worth it like really good Map Packs.
  23. Vehicles from Halo Wars and Halo Wars 2. Maybe not in online multiplayer(depending on the map), but definitely for Forge and Custom Games.
  24. Halo Reach’s Armor Effects(Flaming Helmet, Inclement Weather, etc etc etc).
  25. Halo Reach’s Customizable Emblems.
  26. Bring back the Hornet and Falcon. They were amazing vehicles.

Nah, there’s already plenty of discussion/wishlist threads out there.