Official Forge Feedback Thread

Welcome to the Official Forge (Beta) Feedback thread!

You’ve officially ( :wink: ) been hands-on with the Forge Beta for about a week now and in that week, we’ve seen some absolutely incredible creations being made.

But, as a wise man once said, “We’re just getting started.

To that end, we’ve created this thread to be a place for general FEEDBACK about Forge. This is not a place to report bugs, please send all those to the all star Halo Support crew so they can properly gather and bucket that info.

Please remember that your feedback should be SMART!

S – Specific
M – Measureable
A – Actionable
R – Realistic
T – Timely

Keep the creativity flowing! And remember, the forum rules apply.


Does forge have a tool to measure in game distance between one object/player to another? I feel like that could be of some use in the near future.


I think a really great feature to add in the future is a way to align objects and evenly space out objects. I know magnets are a thing but spacing objects evenly between each other is something I struggle with in Forge at the moment. In Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop there is a evenly distribute horizontally and vertically button that saves me so much time when aligning shapes/layers. I feel if that tool made its way into Forge, it’d save map makers a TON of time.

To add on this feature, I feel a flipping objects/prefabs horizontally and vertically would be great. This would allow for map makers to only have to build one half of their map and then flip it horizontally and or vertically, if its symmetrical.

Combining the evenly distribute and flip horizontally/vertically features would drastically improve workflow and how fast map makers can pump out maps.


I’m not a huge fan of the gizmo design on PC and the duplication behaviors in general. It’s unusually difficult to grab a move handle for a specific direction because the game doesn’t clearly define where the bounds for selecting two-axis movement is; having visible squares for that like other software (such as Unity or Maya) would be a lot easier to work with.

For duplication, I wish there was an option for phased objects to be duplicated in the exact spot of the original; making a line of duplicates of the same object is somewhat frustrating right now because the duplicates spawn wherever the camera is pointed, so you always have to then position it to the same spot as the original and then move it to ensure it’s aligned correctly.


I haven’t had a chance to play around with the more creative side of Forge, but I have been tinkering with the Node Graphs quite a bit and I have a few things I’d like to see in no particular order.

  • Comment Nodes: I’m making a few Script Brains that I want to share as prefabs that are intended to be frameworks that other forgers can use to build complex modes (Almost like using script brains as Libraries). One of the things I’d love to see are comment nodes, and visual -Yoink!- such as boxes/lines to point and surround nodes, as well as Comment nodes so I can leave descriptions for what things do. A specific example would be to encircle/highlight all of the declared variables that I intend for other forgers to use, and then have a comment node near each variable explaining what they do.

  • Custom Game Variables in Script Brains: It would be so helpful to be able to declare variables in a script brain and then set their scope to something like “Editiable”, and then you can set these variables in the custom games menu before the game begins. For example if I have a script brain that polyfills Infection, it would be great if instead of setting how many players are infected in the script brain, I could have that variable be marked as “Editable” and then I could see it in the custom game settings. For the developers, this would almost be a like an environment variable that you set in your shell before running a script.

  • More List Types: i’m working on an Econ Library, where players have a balance and they can spend/earn that balance by buying and selling weapons. Instead of having every weapon laid out, I’d like to be able to cycle through the weapons using buttons kinda like how you select a weapon at a FOB in campaign. I wanted to use an Object List and then every time you hit the button it increments an index in that list representing the selected weapon, but unfortunatley it seems Object Lists won’t accept Weapon Types as an entry. I could see this being an issue for the other things that cannot be stored in a list as there is no list type for them. I’ve come up with a complex set of if statements to manage without them but I think it would be really useful if more datatypes could be stored in a list for later iteration.

  • Player Input: It’d be great if there was a node to bring up a UI menu to select a player from all in game players, or ask the player to enter a number. This would be super helpful for some more in-depth custom game modes. I understand there are likely many challenges regarding accessability with this, but I thought that I’d bring it up regardless.

All in all Forge has really blown me out of the water on both Techincal and Creative fronts. You’ve really outdone yourselves on this one, well done!


This is already a feature.


It is? How do I find it?

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There isn’t a dedicated note for it from what I remember, but you can do it using some simple vector math by subtracting the position of one player from the other and finding the length of the resulting vector using √(x^2 + y^2 + z^2).

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Using M&KB to forge, I have accidentally selected 100’s of items a few times and then inadvertently ‘moved’ or ‘duplicated’ them which forces me to revet to an older save with how the undo works.

I would like a stronger visual aid to the forger which indicates how many items you have selected.

This could range from making the “1/150” font text side size 10 and then when you have “2/150” selected it’s size 11 to having the text change colour on a sliding scale in relation to how many items you have selected (10 items selected = green/blue, 140 items selected = orange/red).

Of course make it opt-in with a settings menu checkbox so you don’t force this way upon everyone.


Great. Welp I better figure out how to do whatever this is:

√(x^2 + y^2 + z^2).


Use the Unitize Vector node to get the X, Y, and Z values as individual numbers, then use the Multiply mode to multiply each by itself, use the Add node to combine those results, and then the Square Root node to get the square root of that sum.

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First off I wanted to say its been super fun working in Forge!
Now onto my list of demands(joke, this is really me requesting stuff)

  • Wanted to ask for customizable controls for camera movement with mouse & keyboard(frankly this is because I wanted to change the camera movement controls to be like how it is in Unreal Engine which I’m more comfortable).
  • For mouse and keyboard mode it is difficult to know which axis I am hovering with my mouse. Adding an outline or possibly fading out the other axis would make it much easier to visually read. As well as selecting two axis is difficult to see because there is not gizmo to click and drag on.
  • Currently the only glass shape we have access to is square’s/rectangles; adding triangle shaped glass pieces and circle shaped glass pieces would fill out the areas that are missed with only square glass pieces.
  • Another piece of feedback for glass pieces would be instead of separating the different opacities as different pieces, having 1 piece for the shape and then a value in its details for changing the opacity would be extremely helpful when it comes to making adjustments, because if I test a map and its decided I need to change the opacity, then I have spawn the different opacity and then resize it and re-place it where the previous opacity piece was and all of this was to change its opacity based on feedback.

The ability to mirror asymmetrical objects, rotate textures, and remove regions from pieces with multiple so you can have one consistent texture across the whole piece.

Allow all textures and all colours to be applied to all regions.

For TI Terrain pieces allow the ability to turn off the the rocky texture that bleeds through.

Add align and distribution tools when selecting multiple objects.

Improve magnet detection, and make it an option to have them heavily favour corner to corner connections.

Organize menus more sensibly than alphabetical, especially for weapons, all the different variations of a gun should be next to each other.

Improve the accuracy of the gizmos’ hitboxes and make it more visually obvious which handles you have selected.

Is there an undo button? I can’t find it. I thought that was going to be a thing.

If we’re going to be making gametypes using the node graph then build a system so that we don’t have to make a unique version of each map for each of these gametypes.

Add a togglable line heading down from objects while you are holding them so you can tell where they are in space, I spend a dumb amount of time trying to figure out depth perception.

Allow us to anchor our camera to an object like in old forge so we can easily rotate around it if we want.

Allow us to scale prefabs and multiple objects at once.


Oh and allow us to customize our keybindings


Hey Snickerdoodle! So I have one major suggestion!

I’d really like if we could like. [SET TERRAIN VALUE] on maps like Void. I can’t use the Terrain-Inheritance pieces on Void, not that I know of, and it’d be very good if we could either set it, or if Terrain-Inheritance pieces could inherit the terrain of things that are below them…! They way they can take on the texture, value, graniness, etc., of whatever we’ve dictated is the map’s “Primary” land type.

Because as it stands, on Void I have to like… Set each piece individually and it is Exceptionally time consuming.


PC (K&M) controls NEED to be able to move objects by moving the camera itself. On controller, you can hold LT and move everything like the old Forge. But no matter what control scheme I pick on K&M, nothing allows me to simply move “myself” to move an object.


Otherwise, amazing job on Forge. It’s insane how amazing it is.

I have a simple request for a Tetrahedron basic game object. Like in the Halo Design Set, or something.

There is a very specific and common use case where classic Forerunner angles are concerned that requires a Tetrahedron. I’ve already run into it myself while remaking Waterworks 1:1, so it’s really important to me. Previous Halo games have always had a tetrahedron. The triangles and triangular game objects so far satisfy the need for one up to a point by clipping into another object, but in a few cases even they don’t solve the problem.

SCRATCH THIS → While you’re at it a basic pyramid would be nice. So that’s 2 requests. ← I found out there is a pyramid in-game. Still, it doesn’t satisfy every need for a Tetrahedron, so I’m leaving this comment here.

For those that forget what a tetrahedron is, it’s a true 3D triangle. As in, unlike a pyramid which has a square base, a tetrahedron has triangles on all sides. It’s a d4 in dice (a 4 sided die).


Please allow us to upload mvar files from our local disk!

Please hear me out

There’s some incredible tools being made in the community right now that allow us to effectively forge inside Blender and export the object transform information to a custom mvar. Myself and many other 3D professionals are inspired by forge and the potential with the latest iteration in Infinite. We are incredibly keen to create advanced immersive maps/experiences in Infinite, but it’s so hard to do this without access to the time-saving toolkit inside Blender.

This would allow the Halo fans who are professional game devs to truly get excited about making maps within their favourite 3D software.

Maps that would take months to build piece-by-piece in Forge, could take mere days to build in Blender. Please bring this up for consideration!

If it’s not something that’s possible to do publically, would you guys please at least consider having some kind of channel for manual vetting and approval of custom mvar files?